Review of CRITICAL CONDITION by Sandra Orchard

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense | Published: October 1, 2012 | Format: eBook (220 pages) | ASIN: B008EODN8K |Series: Undercover Cops | Origin: Purchase


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Sandra Orchard notches up the suspense in Critical Condition to an amazing level and engages readers in the romance and the welfare of these cancer patients.

Tara Peterson’s caring heart snags your admiration as she cares for the ones who hurt and manages to keep them from the turmoil that surrounds her. Her background serves as a barometer in the romance area tilts toward not ever happening again. Meanwhile, the hurt in detective Zach Davis is palpable, but it only drives him to get to the heart of the matter while this matter sends the nurse passed his defenses and straight into his heart. His pain takes a back seat to protecting this small family, but even he has to question how he feels and why.

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As a hospital nurse on a cancer ward, Tara Peterson works where all cases are different, but she tries to keep the atmosphere positive and her mind focused.

She wouldn’t change her job on most days, but things take a wrong turn once she walks into a room and finds a patient near death, the husband on the floor, and someone shoves her hard from behind. The white coat of her attacker heightens Tara’s fear.

Why would an environment meant to help patients lead to murder?

However, Detective Zach Davis wishes he were anywhere than a cancer unit of a hospital. His senses overwhelm him with pain, memories, and nauseous odors. Realization dawns that it is this nurse helping him, through this embarrassing physical distress, is the woman that he is here to see.

It doesn’t take long for him to quit hoping for a quick resolution of her homicide suspicions, once threats surface, shots almost hit their mark, and her small daughter becomes a target.