Review of HAZARDOUS HOMECOMING by Dana Mentink

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense | Published: November 1, 2014 | Format: Paperback (224 pages) | ISBN: 9780373446315 |Series: Wings of Danger | Origin: Purchase 


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Dana Mentink’s suspense in Hazardous Homecoming will keep you up at night! You’ll love this romance and will marvel at the beautiful winged creatures inside the Hudson Raptor Sanctuary.

Ruby Hudson’s scarred heart and psyche snags your emotions as she hides away in the place she loves and clings to the peace it provides. There is an underlying tension in her family that their past created, but, at times, the other Hudson family members appear tortured or guilty, leaving the reader to wonder if this family holds it own secrets.

Meanwhile, Cooper Stoke’s anger at his brother’s unfair lot in life, his sibling’s alcohol addition, and the town’s betrayal of Peter in the court of public opinion is entrenched, but even Cooper is beginning to have his doubts about the Hudsons, Peter, and the sheriff. Cooper’s faith has kept him grounded, preventing his rage from consuming him, and allows him to face his feelings for the woman who, as a child, changed all of their lives.  In fact, he’s more than ready for the truth to be exposed no matter how it may hurt.

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Ruby Hudson lost a friend and this experience haunts her. She can’t forget the little girl who went missing and never returned.

When Alice Walker vanished, Ruby was only a child, but she is still burdened with guilt, for leaving her friend alone, for tattling on who else was in the woods that day, and for not being able to bring Alice home.  Now, many years later, Ruby discovers a clue that puts her life endanger, stirs up the past, and puts a few families in a dangerous situation.

Cooper Stokes is visiting his brother and wants to reconnect, but Peter’s alcoholism has kept him suspended in a state of distrust. Although it’s not easy, his love for his brother and Cooper’s faith has made him try again with Peter. He’s believed his brother’s lies before only to discover the truth—he wasn’t sober. Now, it does seem that he’s doing better, but this past coming back to life is sure to derail him.  Or were there other reasons Peter had not been able to stay on track?  How will the new people in this brother’s life help or hurt him?