Review of HIS LOVE NEVER QUITS: Finding Purpose Through Your Pain by Cherie Hill

Publisher: Waterfall Press | Published: January 6, 2015 | Format: eBook (122 pages) | ASIN: B00J0H9942 | Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy of Waterfall Press


HIS LOVE NEVER QUITS: Finding Purpose Through Your Pain by Cherie Hill is an amazing, inspirational and frank read about the times you may wonder  “Is God in control?” Cherie Hill walks with you through inspiring facts, reasons, and truisms of faith, floundering, hope, and so much more.

We’ve all gone through hard times and it’s in those times that our faith is tested, tried, and sometimes broken, but even this kind of broken will lead you somewhere in God’s plan.  We may not understand the storms of life, but we will face them.  It is during these times that we are being led to the purpose of the pain.

However, we have built-in choices on this path, and it’s our own choices that can help or hurt us during this walk.  Rest assured though, as this author illustrates, we are always welcome to return into His fold.

If you are going through these hard times or know someone who is, this resource is perfect for understanding the questions, naysayers, and choices. It’s a must read.

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Author Cherie Hill asks the questions that we’ve all asked and provides some extraordinary answers. From questions with no answers and answers to long asked questions, you’ll find some quoted examples through scripture to help you along the way.

Whether you’ve tried to regain control back from God, expected only miracles inside your faith, or received His no’s when you really wanted His yes, you’ll journey with this author through the realities of faith, pain, and hope. Understanding reasons with seasons of these darker times while you travel into the places you’ve never wanted to be only to be happy that you finally arrived.