Review of UNSHAKEABLE PURSUIT: Sonoma series #4.2 by Camy Tang

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Published: November 15, 2014 | Format: eBook (156 pages) | ASIN: B00PHLAGAG | Origin: Author 






Unshakeable Pursuit by Camy Tang is a white-knuckled read!

From page one, danger stalks two medical professionals, but Dr. Geoffrey Whelan and Maylin Kinley have no idea why. And when these two wounded souls are thrown together, they discover more about themselves and each other while fighting for their lives and protecting the people around them.

Dr. Whelan hasn’t forgiven himself for the death of family members in Japan, and Nurse Kinley had given up her family ties to have the career she desires, but these two are determined to keep their hearts from each other as their wounds are way too raw. However, with Geoffrey ‘s close family ties juxtaposed to Maylin’s emptiness, her pain is bound to increase along with the longing for true connection. Meanwhile, with Maylin’s kind heart nearer to his, Geoffrey knows she deserves someone with less baggage and guilt, but her closeness is calling his own beliefs into question along with many other areas of his life.

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Dr. Geoffrey Whelan’s work in Japan during the tsunami aftermath didn’t help him. In fact, it made his pain and questions more intense and his faith more in doubt. Tormented by being the cause of death of two extended family members makes his own pulse that much more painful. Still breathing has brought Geoffrey back to Sonoma to help family and try to find a purpose for his life as if one could be found.

Although Maylin Kinley had met this doctor years ago, he seemed less flirtatious and more haunted, but how can she accurately judge his situation, when she had a family but is alone now?

Having tried so hard to fit into her family dynamic, she finally couldn’t take it and decided the emptiness of alone was better than the emptiness one feels when those who should love you don’t. If breaking up with her abusive ex-boyfriend to face her own family’s disapproval over her decision didn’t prove one type of alone better than the other nothing would.

The clinic is the only connection these two staff members share, but a visitor predicts danger is hunting both of them.

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