Review of UNDERCURRENT by Sara K. Parker

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense | Published: January 6, 2015 | Format: Paperback (224 pages) | ASIN: B00LZCTCKQ |Origin: Purchase 



Sara K. Parker’s Undercurrent heightens the suspense and keeps you running with the characters to an amazing end!

Kathryn Brooks’s roommate had to disembark at the last port, but Kat is positive someone’s been in her cabin. Was it just curiosity or something else? Why does she have this feeling of being watched?

The beautiful woman sitting at the grand piano caught his attention, and with his past, this was surprising. While Samuel West never expected his skills to be a requirement on this cruise, in many ways, these skills don’t ever really take a vacation. His instincts kicked into gear, but he’s not one to ignore them. Something wasn’t right. Scanning the way he always did, Sam didn’t see anything or anyone out of place until the chandelier situated above the piano player moved.  If he didn’t make it, she would die.

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World-renowned concert pianist Kathryn Brooks has lost family, her childhood home, and pieces of her heart. Now, she feels trapped on a ship while her best friend runs home to her hospitalized brother who could leave his sister at any moment. Her cruising contract was supposed to be the thing to help her decide next steps in life and keep her from having those intrusive thoughts about all she has lost plus keep her grief from doubling down. It hasn’t. And now she’s paranoid and scared.

In the meantime, Samuel West is on this trip with his grandmother. He let her and family members talk him into this, and he was wondering why. Well, he actually knew why. No family member wanted to clip Grandma’s travel wings, but it was obvious she needed company on these excursions. This cruise was his turn  to chaperone. Since he lost his wife and child, Sam had thrown himself even more into his work, and his work wasn’t a nine-to-five proposition. The Secret Service didn’t operate that way. In fact, his wife and daughter could be here with him, if he had not taken on the hours and went home earlier on that fateful day.