Review of MIRIAM’S SECRET (Land of Promise) by Jerry S. Eicher

Publisher: Harvest House | Published: February 1, 2015 | Format: eBook (352 pages), Paperback (352 pages), and Hardcover (529 pages) | ASIN: B00RYB9NQU, ISBN: 9780736958790, and ISBN: 9781410479464 | Series: Land of Promise | Origin: NetGalley 

Cover: Courtesy of Harvest House Publishers


MIRIAM’S SECRET by Jerry S. Eicher is an Amish novel with a twist of money in the middle, but the only part that Miriam tells her family heightens tension to turn this story into a gripping read!

The Yoder family is large and poor and their lacks have taken hold of Shirley’s heart inside her rumspringa, and an Englisha boy with a Porsche soon follows. However, it is the eldest sister, Miriam, who harbors a secret, and it can change her life and the life of her whole family.

While Miriam took care of an Englisha, elderly man until his death, his appreciation is shown inside his will. Being left an inheritance could cause happiness in many ways, but in the Yoder family, the father’s fear of the controlling power of money is a big worry.

Nevertheless, when he confesses to the community, he puts Miriam into the limelight and on the radar of someone whose thoughts of money are already in control.


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Author Jerry S. Eicher introduces the Yoder family of Holmes County when the oldest daughter, Miriam, is going to work at Mr. Bland’s farm. To Miriam, it was not only a good job to take care of Amos Bland, but it was an established relationship that keeps her coming back. She wasn’t sure that her feelings of an Englisha man as a second daett was an acceptable one, but it was what she felt she had in Mr. Bland.

His death hit this Amish woman quite hard, but she really hadn’t been able to express her emotions to anyone other than Mr. Bland’s sister, Rose. Miriam wouldn’t take the chance on disrespecting her own flesh and blood daett with such emotions spoken by his daughter. The strength of this bond that existed from Amos Bland puts Miriam in a place where even her parents had to ask–if any relationship besides employment with her employer existed as she was included in his will?

Meanwhile, her younger sibling raises trouble while she is romancing the money of an Englisha boy, but Miriam’s romance hopeful, Ivan Mast, didn’t choose to bring Miriam home from a hymn singing.

He chose another until her inheritance becomes known in their community.

Soon, Miriam and Shirley leave to aid their Aunt Fannie in Oklahoma with a new baby, but Miriam and Shirley yearn for new beginnings.