Review of HARVEST OF BLESSINGS (Seasons of the Heart Book 5) by Charlotte Hubbard

Publisher: Zebra (Kensington) | Published: February 24, 2015 | Format: eBook (351 pages) | ASIN: B00M4ASU24 | Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy Kensington Publishing Corp.


Charlotte Hubbard’s Harvest of Blessings is a coming home tale, but in Willow Ridge, an Old Amish community, this hometown girl, Nora Glick Landwehr, gets welcoming by some, an excoriation by others, and becomes a target of a scheme making this Amish read into a page-turner I highly recommend!

Nora Glick Landwehr has left a thrust upon her English lifestyle to meet and make amends to her daughter that she had to give up, leaving her to be raised in the Plain life, and to her family. Forgiveness and faith are to grow together, but with one former pastor and bishop, faithful is not a trait to be relied upon causing stormy winds to blow through Willow Ridge.  

Can good come from these ashes? 

Hope turns to despair. Nora’s family reunion desires get squashed when her dat makes his rejection a public spectacle, letting out the big secret that Millie Glick wasn’t born to the woman who raised her and setting up the scene for a former bishop to attempt to lay claim on Nora’s land and life. 

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In Harvest of Blessings, author Charlotte Hubbard transplants us into the Amish community of Willow Ridge to discover that sometimes the Plain life is not always as peaceful as one expects. 

As the Glick family is holding on to family secrets, discord, and pain, it is immediate and clear that this family is not the only place to find issues.  You can’t miss a young preacher with two younger brothers, each in their own way, having a crisis of faith while trying to find where they belong. And meeting an excommunicated pastor creating animosity and division in Willow Ridge while his own family falls apart is something you can’t forget. Meanwhile, the newest arrival came back to Willow Ridge without much retreat planning for if things go from bad to worse. 

Willow Ridge is facing many challenges, changes, and new arrivals making things different and turbulent. Some of the townsfolk don’t want modification to become the norm, while others are embracing the freshness and opportunity that seems to exist, and a few may discover a romance even when they are not looking to find it.

A few amazing recipes are provided for some meals inside the story that can be easily made too, and you’ll uncover the excerpt of the next Seasons of the Heart novel: The Christmas Cradle coming October 2015.