Review of MAMMOTH SECRETS by Ashley Elizabeth Ludwig

Publisher: Pelican Ventures Book Group – White Rose Publishing  | Published: February 27, 2015 | Format: eBook (344 pages) | ASIN: B00SU4OU0O | Origin: Publisher 


Ashley Elizabeth Ludwig drops a new person into an old community inside Mammoth Secrets and moves us readers into a world of chaos along with him!

Jake “Gibb” has a desire to serve the small community and follow his own path despite his father’s prescient view. The new pastor displays brokenness alongside his heart. He’s trying to lead by example, although he’s hiding more than an identity crisis, and he’s helping those in need.

Lilah Dale meets a handsome man while fishing. She believes he is either a drifter or a passerby. However, she learns soon enough that this man is Mammoth’s new pastor, but his failure to tell her his line of work set her to wonder more about him than she should be.

Meanwhile, her family isn’t happy she’s back, but her grandmother seems less than happy about Jake being here.

Mammoth’s church services used to condemn and alienate. Why does Jake seem to relate to her when everyone seems to misread or not approve? Moreover, why did he pick this speck on the map? Maybe there’s more to him than the obvious or maybe not. Maybe they are both outsiders and will always be on the outside looking in.

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In Mammoth Secrets by Ashley Elizabeth Ludwig, you’ll meet Jake “Gibb”. He’s Mammoth’s new pastor and is coming loaded with baggage inside a community that is slow in change, less forgiving of mistakes, and stuck in a rut. Their church is in need of repairs, new members, and a new way of thinking. Making enemies isn’t on his to do list since he’s been running from his family, his divorce, and his failure. As it stands, influential residents aren’t thrilled to have another new pastor in Mammoth, and this community’s big misconception of him doesn’t even touch the beginning of his background.  Lying by omission is one thing, but to change a name is something altogether different. Alternatively, Lilah Dale returned home to Mammoth before Jake’s arrival, moving far from California and her husband. Her departure from Mammoth was akin to abandonment as her grandmother who raised her believes. Ms. Dale struggles with small town life and everyone knowing her business, but it’s the prayer warriors of her church that has her piqued so. Lilah believes this prayer chain a gossip’s haven. While she’s is in the midst of her divorce, she believes these warriors are passing judgement not good intentions. And despite her life being an open book to everyone else, she’s finding out that secrets are making the world go around in Mammoth. Her twin sister is playing games she shouldn’t ought to be, and the church has someone in the fold that isn’t who that person claims to be. With her own strained relationship with God, she’s not sure why she’s attracted to a pastor, but she’s clueless to why he’s interested in her. She knows who he is, but she’s not sure why he’s in Mammoth. Most of all, she’s unsure of the future.