Review of MY HEART STOOD STILL by Lori Copeland

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers  | Published: March 1, 2015 | Format: eBook (226 pages) | ASIN: B00TG0KA3M | Origin: NetGalley




In My Heart Stood Still by Lori Copeland, history comes alive mixing with old-fashioned lawless recklessness, deception, and secret alliances!

Anne-Marie McDougal is a female Robin Hood taking what isn’t hers for the orphanage mission where she was raised. Without the funds that the McDougal siblings provide, the good sisters wouldn’t survive. But now, Ann-Marie was just rescued from a jail wagon by a “savage” she didn’t know and must sleep outside in the snow with nothing to call her own. But she was safe, for now.

However, her rescuer needs a bath, doesn’t understand a word she says. and doesn’t need to huddle together for warmth. On top of wondering if she’d make it through this night alive, Ann-Marie worries about her two siblings, Abigal and Amelia. as each had been rescued by someone different. Are they safe? Will she see them again?

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Lori Copeland’s My Heart Stood Still takes us back the old west during the civil war.    

Once Ann-Marie McDougal arrives in a civilized town with no money for a train ticket, no food, and no way to afford a hotel to wait the days before a train could even arrive, the person who saved her abandons her.  She stalks into the mercantile to find him.

It’s here she discovers her evasive rescuer, Creed Walker, is no savage.  In fact, he pays for a weapon with gold, speaks perfect English, and is well-educated.  Thus he’d understood every word she said but ignored her.

Once they are both sitting in jail, the drama only increases until another man arrives. Soon, three strangers are in a mess together.

Creed Walker has chosen sides in this war but left his Indian ways long ago.  Now, he has a job to do to bring about the end of the war with his side on top.  However, Creed has been sidetracked in his duties to retrieve the gold by his rescuing a nun from a jail wagon, and he’s learning fast that this woman isn’t whom she pretends.  But he can’t afford further delays.  Creed must get to Quincy and the gold.

Although he does his darnedest to ignore her, this woman is persistent to a fault, and they both wind up behind bars awaiting the hanging.  Until John Quincy Adams—no, he’s not that famous gentleman—comes up with his own plan.

Moreover, this plan has its consequences, but with just one shot, everything goes awry.