Review of SAVING JUSTICE by Susan Crawford

Publisher: Serenade Books | Published: March 24, 2015 | Format: eBook and Paperback | ASIN: B00T3P5KLM  (198 pages) and ISBN: 9781942265023 (196 pages) | Series: Heart of the City Book 2 | Origin: Publisher 


Cover: Courtesy of Serenade Books

Cover: Courtesy of Serenade Books


Inside Saving Justice, author Susan Crawford crafts an amazing story featuring down-to-earth characters and their troubles!  

I enjoyed meeting Kinley Reid who is a teacher inside the neighborhood of Martindale at an elementary school and Mr. Nash McGuire who is a grumpy fellow with a helpful heart who grew up on the frontline of Martindale’s issues. 

However, it was Justice who stole my heart.

Justice is a child with great weight on his small shoulders and a big need for family and love. He has much good inside of him, but he is being taught the darker side of bad and lands in a heap of trouble.

***This opinion is my own.***


In Martindale’s school system, Kinley Reid’s job isn’t just about her grade’s curriculum. She’s all in for her students. Many of the children live in a troubled area ravaged by violence, drugs, and decay, but this teacher wants to make a difference because she knows firsthand how bad things will happen.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nash McGuire suffered through a life that was both hard and dangerous in Martindale. Thankfully, he made it out alive, but he’s been dragged back to the area by long-ignored family obligations when he meets a teacher named Kinley Reid. This woman doesn’t belong here in Martindale and has to realize he doesn’t and won’t share her optimism, but can he ignore her?

However, when Justice finds out his teacher is at his home—about his skipping school—it becomes the beginning of a downhill spiral of bad choices, bad behavior, and bad connections that eventually lead him right into juvie and court.  

Once help arrives, it can bring him more choices, better options, and some friends. He will lose some people from his life if he chooses the help, but what will he gain?