Review of A SIMPLE PRAYER (Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel) by Amy Clipston

Publisher: Zondervan | Published: May 5, 2015 | Format: eBook (318 pages) | ASIN: B00KV0ZURM | Series: Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel| Origin: NetGalley 




Amy Clipston’s A Simple Prayer brings together two amazing characters with stories as vast as their differences. However, they’re perfectly matched!  

Aaron Ebersol who was formerly Amish but is now English comes home into a tragedy, hoping to regain a lost life and family while facing his own rebellious past head-on, but soon, he meets up with Linda Zook whose history has defined her. However, Linda is coming into her own despite self-confidence issues from being orphaned and carrying a large burden of lone survivor while living in a place of resentment and pain.

These two stories become one in redemption, forgiveness, resolve, and growth while their two lives become forever intertwined.

Where this all leads will have you turning pages!

***This opinion is my own.***



A Simple Prayer transplants an English man back into his former Amish community only to uncover the life he had was the one he wanted. Did his past really force his leaving this community or did he run away from his problems?

It all seemed clear to him, at that time, leaving was his only choice, but he’s found that other’s involved in that the same tragedy and rebellious problems continued on in their homes while he went to another state and gave up the best parts of himself. Seeing his parents accept him back and his presence a comfort to them doesn’t prepare him for the unexpected hatred, anger, and resentment streaming from the most unexpected source.

His brother wants him gone.

Meanwhile, in many ways, Linda Zook’s life didn’t change from age four to current day, but in many important ways, her life could never be the same.

Living just a short distance from where she resided with her deceased parents, she grew up with an aunt and uncle who took her in but made clear it was duty not love as the reason. Although, when her aunt was alive, her life was better in many respects. Her Uncle Reuben has lost his wife and that loss has effected many things about him. However, his attitude toward Linda has gotten only much worse. To escape this abusive relationship and contribute toward the household, she works part-time at the hotel, but now, she’s also working at the local bed and breakfast. It’s the business of a former Amish woman and her new husband. They are expecting their baby, and they need Linda’s help.

However, Uncle Reuben is not happy about the added hours, less chores at home being timely completed, and her absence. Once his ultimatum is issued, she’s had enough.

With the help of visitor at the bed and breakfast, Linda is finding her courage, her pain, and her life.