Review of A BLESSING FOR MIRIAM (Land of Promise) by Jerry S. Eicher

Publisher: Harvest House | Published: June 1, 2015 | Format: eBook (352 pages) | ASIN: B00XV2KC7K| Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy of Harvest House



A BLESSING FOR MIRIAM  (Land of Promise) by Jerry S. Eicher is an Amish novel where love is waiting to be found. For Miriam Yoder, a true love is discovered in Oklahoma where she transplanted from Possum Valley, Ohio with her sister.

Thriving in her life, Miriam’s desires have changed and grown. She enjoys her new teaching role, but some things will take a turn and forced change comes upon her Oklahoma life as secrets are revealed.  Can another woman capture her new man’s heart?

Will Miriam become love-weary and alone?

Meanwhile, Shirley feels as if she’s been living in her sister’s shadow and moves back home to Ohio. Her return home goes well, at first, but her heart is still moved by the Englisha boy with a Porsche. Will she leave her faith?

Shirley and Jonas make some choices, but will these end in scarred hearts or worse?

The pages turned in this Amish read to a chilling end.

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Author Jerry S. Eicher opens A BLESSING FOR MIRIAM  (Land of Promise) with a letter from Possum Valley with news about Miriam’s sister’s backslide into the Englisha life and her renewed interest in the Englisha young man, Jonas Beachy.

To Miriam, this news wasn’t totally unexpected, but she did hope for better for Shirley.  Her Mamm’s compliments of Miriam come only to add onto the burden she’s been carrying about her own secret.

She has yet to tell anyone, other than her love, Wayne Yutzy, about the money she inherited from Mr. Bland.  This guilt plus the arrival of another Swartz sibling from Possum Valley to Oklahoma is a weight pressing her down. Now, maybe, the time has come to lighten her load and get mature advice. She does trust Aunt Fanny and Uncle William and knows their guidance would help.

However, would they think less of her for keeping such a secret? Is she just imagining things about this Esther Swartz and Wayne? She has to know for sure, and this talk is a chance that she must take.