Review of EYE OF THE STORM by Hannah Alexander

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense | Published: March 1, 2012 | Format: Paperback (224 pages) | ASIN: B006QADODI |Origin: Purchase 



Cover: Courtesy of Love Inspired Suspense



EYE OF THE STORM drops you in the middle of a nightmare and puts you into suspense from page one. This husband and wife writing team, Hannah Alexander, knows medical suspense!

From fear and work, Dr. Megan Bradley comes home to Jolly Mill, but it’s a homecoming met with old friends and possible new enemies once a mother figure and friend suffering from blackouts and memory issues wants Megan on her case. The previous diagnosis is being tested, but the patient’s daughter resents this doctor’s interference until it all adds up to attempted murder with everyone wondering who they can trust.

Meanwhile, Gerard Vance follows Megan and is steadfast on convincing her that she needs help. She left the Texas mission after her patient’s murder, but she did more than that too. She left him, his mission, and his heart.  Can he give her the time she needs in a place she needs it and live with her rejection if need be?    

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Dr. Megan Bradley had a gun for protection and knew how to shoot, but when a knife punctured the flesh of a patient in labor, it all was for nothing. One question would eat at her heart.

Why didn’t the shot fire?  

She could no longer take working at the mission. She wanted out of that place and to be free the pain and memories, but she also wants to be far away from Gerard Vance. She wanted to go home, and Megan got the call that made her do just that.  Only more problems greet her in this new, old town of Jolly Mill as someone she cares about is facing serious health issues.  Sure, the probability is that the diagnosis is correct, but she has to know for sure and long-term arrangements must be made.      

A former police officer, Gerard Vance, knows what is happening to Dr. Megan Bradley. She needs help, but she is too strong to get it. He is also sure what’s happening to him. He needs Megan in his life and isn’t too strong to let her know it. He’s risking much by showing up in Jolly Mill, but he was asked to come. It was not by Megan, but it was by someone very dear to her. His background and his connection to Megan were the reason he was requested, but his faith ties into this patient’s request.

However, Megan has made it clear before she left that his faith is no place for her.