Review of The Flower Brides (Grace Livingston Hill Classics) (Love Endures) by Grace Livingston Hill

Publisher: Barbour Books | Publishes: July 1, 2015 Formats: eBook and Paperback (848 pages) | ASIN: B0125U9CQA and ISBN: 9781630588489 | Series: Grace Livingston Hill Classics Love Endures | Origin: NetGalley 




THE FLOWER BRIDES by Grace Livingston Hill introduces readers to three old-world stories with a date in charm, sensibility, and storytelling having His presence ingrained throughout Marigold, Mystery Flowers, and White Orchids.    

In reading these stories by Grace Livingston Hill, we escape the contemporary times and travel back to the style of each tale in thoughts, speech, proprieties, expectations, and dress as we meet amazing characters where many are good but a few surprise us in their cunning, manipulative, and deceptive ways!

Although contemporary writing has changed, these sweetened stories illustrate many of the same flaws, schemes, dangerous people, and foolhardy traits that existed beforehand are still around today. Albeit some formats may change with reasons, the problems still coexist with humanity.

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Grace Livingston Hill was a past generation’s first with His message in fiction. but she’s still as relevant today as in her day.  

Readers look into a woman’s life while she is facing choices and dangers, realizing what might come from the wrong direction inside Marigold.

Mystery Flowers takes us into the life of a young woman suffering still from the loss of her mother. Diana hasn’t moved on as far as one might even though her father has went forward. His new marriage is disastrous, flawed, and bankrupt, but it is also quite dangerous.

Meanwhile, a crisis forms the beginning of White Orchids and takes us on Camilla’s journey in the aftermath, but once life returns to normal, threats and exploits are forged to force a split through a bond already established.