Review of THE HESITANT HEIRESS (The Everstone Chronicles V 1) by Dawn Crandall

Publisher: Whitaker House | eBook Published: April 1, 2015 and Paperback Published: September 8, 2015  | Format: eBook and Paperback (320 pages) | ASIN: B00M4LQ81I and ISBN: 9781629116587 | Series: The Everstone Chronicles V1 | Origin: Author 


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Unrequited love? Deception? History? Perception? Suspense? Romance?  Oh, yes!  The Hesitant Heiress (The Everstone Chronicles V1) by Dawn Crandall grabs you with an ill-timed letter and an expulsion leaving you antagonized, bewildered, and empathetic too .

Bram Everstone has left her alone for years only to derail Amaryllis Brigham’s life at this moment. He’s taking away the only thing she enjoys and her hiding place.

As you wonder what will become of this heroine, it doesn’t take long before she’s in for the ultimate of irony, having to face this man’s son. He’s playing the part of graceful civility and so she must. In fact, she is as socially polite as expected, but she’s also honestly refreshing in making her dislike known. Nathan Everstone will not succeed in his plans.    

Everything is not what it appears to be with him, and she’s determined to make sure everything is front and center. Uncovering the real Nathan Everstone leaves some major problems in her life as he’s out to discover the real Amaryllis Brigham.

Somewhere, in time, would these two collide on the path of pain and heartbreak?

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Inside The Hesitant Heiress by Dawn Crandall, we find that perception can mask person, life, and desires.  It is not always about what is real or what is imagined, but it can become the reality of someone’s own or of someone’s doing.  

Now, in the case of Amaryllis Brigham, she perceives herself as she is but adds to that guilt and grief over the death of her mother and the abandonment of her father.  How she lives passionately is over the ivory keys of a piano until that is ripped away. She’s never had a place to belong, since her mother died, but she lives with an aunt while Amaryllis looks for a way to Washington.

Nathan Everstone, however, has been on the run from Maine to Washington and places in between. He’s dashed away from his place in high-society but not always from the perks.  He plays a part on the stage of life of what’s expected and when, but he doesn’t really belong with this highbrow lifestyle. Marrying into money isn’t what he needs and marrying any of the women who want his money isn’t what he wants.  While he tries to make it plain to those who want him by their side that he doesn’t, he’s constantly faced with this insane dance of want and want not as traveling in these circles means doing the same steps over and over.

At the present time, he just can’t figure out what Miss Amaryllis Brigham wants from him, but he’s sure it isn’t something he wants her to have. He’s been on the prowl forever and nobody runs, but she does. Why?