Review of TAKE AND GIVE: A Novel (Haven Seekers Book 3) by Amanda G. Stevens

Publisher: David C. Cook | Published: August 15, 2015 | Formats: eBook and Paperback (406 pages) | ASIN: B00U0RA92C and ISBN: 9781434708663 | Series: Haven Seekers | Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of Amazon


TAKE AND GIVE by Amanda G. Stevens pulls you deep into the story from paragraph one jolting you into this futuristic world. It doesn’t take long to make you forget this story isn’t your present as you share much with these characters because what they are going through spirals into your mind leaving you to wonder . . . what if?

With suspense and ghastly images you are embedded into this story and wonder about the people and their futures along with your own!

These characters become almost united by tragedy, fear, persecution, and need while opposites attract and repel almost immediately.  However, their secrets, situations, and sacrifices are the glue holding them together, but can these same things be their unraveling?  

To Lee, Marcus is dead, and to Violet, Marcus helped give her life. For Austin, his career is toast, but for Sam Stiles, Austin’s career is their protection.  In Austin, Marcus could have seen a murderer. In Marcus, Austin couldn’t see a criminal. Meanwhile, Constabulary Agent, Jason Mayweather, sees all of them as needing to die.    

Their past, their backgrounds, the belief systems go far beyond the current times, but they come with them into these days making each question themselves and each other.

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Helping criminal Christians is something Lee does at an undisclosed location where she and a few others seek to give them medical care. Many have suffered losses or endured re-education since much of Christianity is now a criminalized terrorist activity and their Bibles are contraband. These innocents are investigated by the Constabulary agents who can be deadly.  

However, things are getting even worse for the country too.   Now, Texas is the Republic of Texas and patrols its borders to keep their former government counterparts out.  Christians are loosing more rights every day.  Knowing that these people are not true criminals hasn’t made Lee adopt their faith, but she will not do what the government wants.  Even people within the government are helping the persecuted.

In TAKE AND GIVE by Amanda G. Stevens, the absolute power not only establishes corruption, bias, and superiority but it also breeds sympathizers, resistance, and a safety underground bringing new purpose and new understanding to the populace.