Review of LET’S LEARN ABOUT THE LORD’S PRAYER by Catherine DeVries

Illustrated by:  Ryan Jackson | Publisher: David C. Cook | Published: September 1, 2015 | Formats: Brdbk (26 pages) | ISBN: 9780781412698 | Series: HeartSmart | Origin: NetGalley 


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Children will love and enjoy Emma and Blueberry plus become part of the story in Let’s Learn about The Lord’s Prayer!

Author Catherine DeVries and illustrator Ryan Jackson team up to create a playful read that engages children not only with story and illustrations but with questions to bring the story inside the world of the audience.

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In Let’s Learn about The Lord’s Prayer, Author Catherine DeVries and illustrator Ryan Jackson bring a playdate to a 4 year-old named Emma who introduces her reader guests to her room, her friend Blueberry, the Lord’s Prayer, and Jesus.  

Emma updates the audience on the Lord’s prayer inside the Bible and what she’s learned about Jesus, God, and the Lord’s Prayer.