Review of PLAIN FAME by Sarah Price

Publisher: Waterfall Press | Publishes: September 29, 2015 Formats: eBook and Paperback (242 pages) | ASIN: B00U0N5GEC and ISBN: 9781503945371 | Series: The Plain Fame Series (Book 1) | Origin: NetGalley 


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The settings and characters within these pages pull you inside PLAIN FAME by Sarah Price before the accident, and this heartwarming tale keeps you on the hook until the end!

Sarah Price introduces us to a charismatic music celebrity but keeps this hero at a perfect pitch throughout some amazing challenges, changes, and questions.  Meanwhile, we’ll meet his strong but worldly opposite on the streets of New York far from her Amish roots as she’s waiting to get home.  

When these two worlds collide, literally, discovery of each other leads only to the uncovering of where they really want to be and exactly why.

As a plain woman and a celebrity, this hero and heroine are filling their minds with all the reasons why they do what they do, and why life needs to go back to the way it was.  But can it? 

Broken bones can heal but broken hearts may not fully mend. These characters come with their own baggage and for good and bad that baggage can launch them toward or hold them back from family ties and a future. 

Could any Amish community withstand all this Englischer comes with but leaves without? And who will suffer the most in the end?

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PLAIN FAME by Sarah Price puts Amanda Beiler into the path of oncoming traffic inside New York without knowledge of the ways in the English world. When the inevitable happens, brakes will screech, a thump will echo, a meeting is missed, protection is given, kindness is shown, and a different type of tragedy will be averted.

Despite the pain her wounds will heal.

Although superstar Alejandro Diaz wasn’t the driver, it was his limousine that struck her, and he’s going to make sure she receives the care she needs along with the privacy she deserves.  As fans begin to recognize that it is he, Alejandro takes steps to ensure the cameras cannot get photos of the victim and her strewn item is collected.

It takes him time to understand the differences between himself and the Amish accident survivor, but he’s able to catch up quickly and ensure things are what they need to be for her comfort even getting word to her family about her injuries and prognosis.

In the meantime, he’s not the only one with a lack of knowledge about differences, but it pleases Amanda that Alejandro Diaz is pleasant and has chosen to assist her.  However, she has no idea why many people seem to surround him or want to get nearer to the man. A music celebrity is a title without meaning for her, and he seems more pleasant than many of the other Englischers she’s met even in Pennsylvania.  

This man has kindness inside and a smile that lights his eyes.  He makes her laugh with his humor and shares about his background too.  He’s been a blessing during this time and accompanies her home.

Even she is surprised when her parents offer for him to stay at the farm but is immediately happy when he agrees. Soon, a friendship seems to keep pace with other feelings that are growing and both of them realize how much their world differences will be a problem and how things cannot become more.  

However, his world is about to catch up to both of them leaving pain, anger, betrayal, and consequences behind, but who else in the community will suffer along with them?