Review of EXPERT WITNESS by Rachel Dylan

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense | Published: September 1, 2015 | Format: Format: eBook and Paperback (224 pages) | ASIN: B00TXCFGTG and ISBN: 9780373446957 | Origin: Purchase 


Cover: Courtesy of Love Inspired Suspense


In EXPERT WITNESS, author Rachel Dylan starts off with jarring suspense when she puts you on a deadly path where danger is never far away!

Crime and career mix in Sydney Berry’s life, but inside a courtroom, her testimony has been on target until this case. Now, Kevin Diaz is about to make her personal past and present collide with tarnished badges to litter the corridors of justice with deadly encounters.

Sydney is forced to face all that she wants to keep hidden, but will her strength implode once the fear comes again?

While, US Marshal Max Preston is about to protect his first witness, his years inside the FBI kept him from being considered green.  His background is about to meet his new career through a flood of bullets and a deep desire to keep his witness out of reach of the East River gang.

Time isn’t kind to his mission as this gang seems to know his next move before he even does. And it doesn’t take long for Max to realize the only person he can trust right now is this witness, but he doesn’t expect to admire her strength.

Sure, she’s had secrets, but they come out quick in this danger. However, what secrets do other law enforcement types have that keep the crime racket one step ahead of him?


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Sydney Berry is a sketch artist who is testifying in a murder trial, and it’s not just any murder trial. Kevin Diaz has been all over the news as a respected businessman and is not as dirty as some of his relatives, but the witness that Sydney sketches from described him perfectly.  Even Sydney had to marvel over how much her sketch looked like him.

This sketch had been the subject of court arguments over its inclusion into evidence and then about her testimony that gives credibility to the witness.  When all is allowed into the case, something has got to give in keeping Kevin Diaz out of jail since Sydney has hooked him for sure.

The defense has painted a target on her to minimize and discredit Sydney, but someone has that target in the crosshairs and is ready to make her go silent, forever.

Meanwhile, US Marshal Max Preston, arrives a little late onto the scene, but he’s connected the dots that shows Sydney Berry is in a danger that she won’t see coming.  Her resistance to being under guard doesn’t last long as shots ring out just outside the courthouse minutes after she exits the trial.

The meat of her testimony would come the next time she takes that stand and thugs are going to do what they can to prevent her from opening her mouth. This means they are willing to take out the witness and anyone that’s around her.

His reflexes kick into gear as he pushed her down to the ground saving them both.

At least, all will be quiet once they get to the safe house. However, not far from the safe house another assassination attempt makes this job almost impossible. Soon, Max realizes the funny thing about this digital age. All that information is only as safe as the people with access to it, and when someone changes colors, they don’t exactly announce it.

The next attack comes, and Max’s trust level is nonexistent with his new unit having him reach back into his FBI contacts.

However, when a friend goes missing, he can not be sure how far the East River gang’s reach goes inside the law enforcement community or how near the danger really is.