Review of Another Way Home: A Chicory Inn Novel – Book 3 by Deborah Raney

Publisher: Abingdon Press | Published: October 20, 2015 | Formats: eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover (304 pages) | ASIN: B00WN85JGM and ISBN: 9781426770456 and 9781501807305 | Series: A Chicory Inn Novel | Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of Abingdon Press



In Another Way Home, Deborah Raney puts us right in the middle of life with Danae and Dallas Brooks.

Danae is the middle daughter of the Chicory Inn owners, Grant and Audrey, who keep up with the grandchildren and their children while running the family home turned inn.

However, Danae and Dallas are not following after the footsteps of the other siblings, but it’s not by choice. Children are prayed about, dreamed over, and desired in their family, but to the Brooks, these are not being answered.

Is there a reason?

Dallas is sensible and ready to undertake life as a childless couple, if it’s His will, but Danae seems brittle, bitter, and feeling the loss of the life she planned to keep.

Nurseries are ready, clothes are bought, and the baby seems to be a no-show for this couple.

Dallas is trying to get Danae out into the world and out of her depressed life by getting her to volunteer.  However, he isn’t ready for what Danae comes up with for her time.

Abused women need help, and she needs to help. It’s simple.

But once danger gets too close, everyone, including Danae, begins to wonder if she’s doing the right thing. Remembering that right things can come in different shapes and sizes, Danae continues on and falls in love.

Love can hurt, sometimes.  Are Danae and Dallas ready for whatever may come?

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches pain sets the stage!



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Another Way Home by Deborah Raney shows how parents and child relationships plus other sibling lives may come together for happy times while at the same time cause worry and pain.

Danae and Dallas Brooks want children but infertility treatments haven’t made the dream possible. However, Danae sees family, friends, neighbors, and others as having the life she wants but can’t have.  She’s been avoiding others and feels they walk on eggshells around her, and they do because of her tearful outbursts at another’s joy.

Feeling her prayers stop at the roof, she’s grieving and in pain.

Meanwhile, Dallas Brooks tries to understand and has some of his own pain, but he doesn’t want to force her off of the infertility merry-go-round.  Financially, they’re fine, but he wonders if he should stop the future bills just to save his wife’s sanity.

She used to be so different, but the emotional toll of chasing this dream is hard to handle.  He’s been ready to make it stop. Sure, there are other ways of having children, but there are other reasons why they can also go wrong.

Could something just be not meant to be?

Volunteering begins to bring some sanity back into his wife, but danger is close to her.  Although, having his wife back as herself is amazing.

Despite his misgivings, he wants her to continue until she falls in love.

Will this love destroy their marriage, their family, their home, and their hearts?  Is Dallas all in with her or is he not?