Review of MIRIAM AND THE STRANGER (Land of Promise Book 3) by Jerry S. Eicher

Publisher: Harvest House | Published: October 1, 2015 | Formats: eBook and Paperback (352 pages) | ASIN: B012BBIMKK and ISBN: 9780736958837 | Series: Land of Promise | Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy of Harvest House Publishers



In MIRIAM AND THE STRANGER (Land of Promise Book 3) by Jerry S. Eicher, we visit Miriam Yoder in Clarita, Oklahoma long after the tornado disaster and the rebuilding when life is settled. But change is to bring some uncertain times when a widower comes calling on Miriam, and her community finds a new Englisha friend. 

However, all is not going to come out well and pain can come from every side!

Mose Stoll has standing in his community and his placement and duties are growing, but could he have standing in Miriam’s heart and could this feeble relationship grow?

Meanwhile, Tyler Johnson comes from the world, but this Amish community grows on him even though his purpose here is skewed.

A feel good story is what his editor wants, and it’s exactly what he found. Not even Tyler bargains for what is happening right inside this community. A corruption story goes on high up the chain and idle threats are coming to life! 

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Author Jerry S. Eicher takes us back to Clarita, Oklahoma into a small Amish community. Long after a tornado hit and loss of life occurs, this community thrives again.  

When Miriam receives a letter from her Mamm in Possum Valley, she finds out life is changing not only for one of the Yoder sisters but for both.  With news about Miriam’s sister, Shirley, and the wedding plans for her comes news for Miriam in the way of a love interest coming to visit her.

Soon, two new visitors descend into Miriam’s town and into this Amish community. Only one is in search of a wife, the other is in search of the Amish life and something else.   

While the Englisha young man, Tyler Johnson, is following the community rules, the widower suitor after Miriam’s hand in marriage is strict with customs, rules, and wary of the community watchful eye. To Miriam, his strictness wasn’t totally unexpected with his ranking in the community, but she did hope for an emotional attachment.  

Along this lonesome road, Miriam comes face to face with another secret, but this one that she hides could ruin everything!