Review of FIDDLER’S FLING by Linda Wood Rondeau

Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing | Published: October 30, 2015 | Format: Paperback and eBook (211 pages) | ISBN: 9781942513698 and ASIN: B017F6BDN4 | Origin: Author 


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FIDDLER’S FLING by Linda Wood Rondeau is where heartache, conflict, and mistakes beget compassion, forgiveness, and redemption inside this great romance!

Linda Wood Rondeau introduces us to Jolene Murdock and puts us into the middle of her near wedding and soon to be family tragedy.

The voice on the phone was someone she’d wanted to talk to long ago.  Now, during their conversation, he had just broken her heart again. With family drama, disagreements, and estrangement already in play, Jolene must face the final of decisions.

Does she go home to care for her dying father, his affairs, and his business or does she keep a handle on everything from afar and keep her heart from further pain?

Dwight Etting knows if Jolene returns to Brookside, he’s leading her back to her roots, back to the same problems that she’s been on the run from, back into the life of her estranged father, and back to her ex.  

Dwight had many reasons for calling her, but he hadn’t done it until now.  He had to let her know about her father. Not only will his own business get buried along with Big Mike Murdock, but a part of Dwight died when she left.  He has guilt to work out, a family to get back together, and workers to keep employed, but the hardest part will be to keep Jolene Murdock out of his heart and accept her future marriage.

Despite the pain in his past, present, and future, he prayed she’d come home.


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Linda Wood Rondeau’s FIDDLER’S FLING brings harsh circumstances to a cooled stalemate inside the Murdock family. 

“Big Mike” Murdock no longer cares about life since he’s dying anyway.  He’d rather see his business fail than move into the wrong hands. Dwight Etting is trying to keep the Murdock and Etting employees out of the unemployment line, all the while missing the woman he loves. She’s marrying into political forces and dirty deal masterminds known as the Ashworths.  

Not that Robert Ashworth is any different from the rest of the clan, but Jolene Murdock is marrying the man.  Yes, he shouldn’t care since he broke her heart, but he does.  

Jolene Murdock hasn’t walked away from her hometown, she ran away.  The Ashworth Foundation needed her, and she needed a job,

However, she also needed to get far away from Dwight Etting.  

He doesn’t know what she had done, but she does.  Her future mother-in-law does know, but this cold woman was kind enough to not tell the man she’s marrying.  

Meanwhile, it’s an old argument that’s lasted decades inside the town surrounding the Ashworths, but it’s never made much sense to her. How did Brookside not see the good her future spouse was doing for the underprivileged and for the town? This town and Murdock and Etting hates the political class, but Robert Ashworth was different.  

Yes, Robert has political ambitions, but his focus is helping people. 

Now, she must face the death of her father, seeing Dwight again, helping Robert’s campaign, and keeping her sanity intact.

To her, there was only one solution.  

Jolene would go only to take charge of her father’s care then get back to Albany quick.  And just maybe, she’d keep herself from admitting how much she misses her father or how much she needs his approval all while trying to keep Robert Ashworth’s campaign in focus.