Publisher: NavPress | Published: September 29, 2005 | Formats: Paperback (208 pages) | ISBN: 9781576837115 | Origin: Tyndale Rewards 


Cover: Courtesy of Tyndale House Publishers



Winn Collier’s RESTLESS FAITH brings to the forefront paths doubt can use to spring into action inside the most unexpected circumstances, and he shows us the many ways in which our own thinking can be a powerful link.

To hold a simple form of faith and expect only good from God sets doubt on a clear road to attack us. Trails and tribulations can bring us to doubt as we expect only good expectations. When a love one is lost or a goal and dream is thwarted or we begin down a stormy road in life, the doubt of God’s goodness comes to take hold and doesn’t want to let us go.

Our path is not an easy one and not one to be considered expedient, but it is full of mystery and freedom in faith!

However, our own fears of letting our misguided assumptions, formulas, and expectations go will stop us from drawing nearer to Him keeping us out of the greatest of adventures in God, faith, love, and silence.

***This opinion is my own.***



RESTLESS FAITH by Winn Collier will lay the groundwork of understanding the doubt growth spurts

Using his own road in life, Winn Collier demonstrates his own doubts and reluctance to grasp mystery, but shows the road anyone could have taken to land where he did.  

Nevertheless, by using the message of Malachi and the examples in his own cases of tried and failed control—when he pushed down his doubts and didn’t pretend to be captured by those pesky thoughts—Winn Collier shows us the glory of mystery. He leads on a journey we’ll all travel in some form or another as God’s teaching lay in His silence.

Once directed onto a path, His silence is scary, and we fight, but could it be that His taking the fight out of us is the best way to hear Him?