Review of HUCKLEBERRY HEARTS by Jennifer Beckstrand

Publisher: Zebra | Published: November 24, 2015 | Formats: eBook, Mass Market Paperback, Large Print Paperback, and Audio Book (352 pages) | ASIN: B00U7LIZ7M and ISBN: 9781420136531,  9781410485144, and (Audio) ASIN: B017Y8KQIG | Series: The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill | Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of Zebra


Inside HUCKLEBERRY HEARTS, Jennifer Beckstrand creates a laugh-out-loud tale where you’ll find romance, a pink dress, and family squabbles, all while falling in love with Huckleberry Hill! 

Jennifer Beckstrand drops you into matchmaking at its best, and she picks the best players for the game.  There’s only one problem. These two hearts have their scars, their troubles, and their doubts, but these contestants also have a past that Mammi and Dawdi didn’t know about, didn’t expect, and couldn’t have stopped the downward spiral that it had taken.

Meanwhile, a doctor and patient relationship is in the mix along with a scarf, a beanie, and two mittens.

With Mammi’s health in the balance can these two put aside their problems and come to terms? Upon this undertaking, the other festering family problems come into full bloom brought on by a pink shirt and some flowered aprons.

This could turn into a completely laughable situation or a bloody mess! 

***This opinion is my own.***



HUCKLEBERRY HEARTS by Jennifer Beckstrand brings out grandparent and grandchild relationships through the stages of life, but sometimes, a Mammi needs to step up and take charge in the romance area.  Anna Helmuth takes up her task with gusto and arranges things long before these contestants are all on scene.  

It’s easy enough once the word gets out that Anna Helmuth supplied the beanie, scarf, and mittens for the games to begin.

However, this grandchild is no longer Amish, and some in the family want to force her back into the fold.  If she wasn’t their Mammi, the family uproar could ignite faster than lightning to kerosene. Instead, her ill-health, and family title keeps everything at a slow burn with the doctor at her side. Just maybe this could work out well.  After all, once a broken nose always a broken nose, but peace can be made.

Jennifer Beckstrand brings Cassie Coblenz back to Huckleberry Hill for a short spell, but she already has Dr. Zach Reynolds in Mammi’s web awaiting this meeting. When these two do come together, it’s without the matchmaker’s help, but the past lands into current day with a thud.  

Dr. Zach Reynolds is used to female interest and has gotten used to choosing or not.  However, he hasn’t met a woman who disliked him upon sight until now. She wasn’t impressed by his profession, his athletic build, or his charming smile. In fact, she seemed most certainly dismayed by them all. He put on his best game face to no avail. It wasn’t just being turned down that shook him.  It was his being turned down by someone like her that shredded his insides. 

Unfortunately, Cassie Coblenz is used to someone just like this doctor.  He’s a conquest maker and charmer.  She wasn’t expecting to see someone like him in Amish country.  For all she knew, she left the likes of Zach Reynolds back in Chicago.  She left his type as well as him there. 

It was easy to realize he didn’t recognize her, but it was easier to read his messaging.  She turned down his request for her phone number and went on her way.  

It wasn’t until she wound up in the same patient room as him that she realized life just got far more complicated.