Review of WHEN SECRETS STRIKE by Marta Perry

Publisher: HQN Books | Paperback Publishes: October 27, 2015 and eBook Publishes: November 1, 2015 | Format: Paperback and eBook (368 pages) | ISBN: 9780373788569 and ASIN: B00TXM1EAQ | Origin: NetGalley 


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Marta Perry takes you inside an Amish community during a dry spell where dry grass feeds the fire in WHEN SECRETS STRIKE!

The worry in Laurel Ridge, Pennsylvania is weather and its cost on their lives, livestock, and livelihoods.  Of course, this is the stuff that farmers worry about often, and it’s the talk of the town as everyone is praying for rain to put an end to their fears.  

Sarah Bitler’s family runs a farm, and although she does help, her work brings her to a quilt shop inside town.  For Sarah, her own shop being inside the Blackburn House helps her heart heal from the pain of losing in love.  However, he still is around these parts, but her business keeps the sightings of him down to a minimum until a town crisis puts these two together as they question the choices made, future plans, and the reasons behind each failing. 

Aaron King is a widower with two young children, but although his Amish community means well, he’s not thrilled with people assuring him that he needs to marry for his kinder sake.  His girls are doing just fine with the help of his sister and parents, and Aaron is not able to wed and doubts that he ever would. 

All Aaron needs is to purchase the property nearest his parent’s property to support them all.

However, this land that he had a purpose for comes up inside distressing circumstances to destroy his dream by unearthing a mess of problems including a possible jail sentence!

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Inside WHEN SECRETS STRIKE by Marta Perry, Sarah Bitler is surrounded by childhood friends and their family from both Amish and Englischer communities.  These people work together, help each other, and don’t usually run into problems where their differences clash until their community comes under attack.

Are outside forces trying to hurt Laurel Ridge or is danger already among them just waiting to strike?

When the dry spell is into full swing, people naturally have fire worries, but when a fire is said to be arson,  suspicion, rumors, and mayhem run rampant.

The Amish no longer trust the Englischers while they also doubt their Amish neighbors.  The Engisch who grew up with many begin to see everyone as different but all the same as motives can transcend differences.  Now, just add a fire investigator from out of the area into the mix and the community is on edge not just by a firebug but also just by being around neighbors and the new community strangers.  

Family suspects family while outsiders lay down their theories provoking even more doubts over everyone.

Destroyed property, dead animals, and danger lurks around every corner while long nights without sleep, weary night patrols, and worries about who is coming in late and where have they been turns guessing into a full-time job. 

However, once the smoke clears the questions still remain and while fences are being mended, over time, a sink hole of doubt centers on one family and two family members.

Will either of these two wind up with a murder charge or two?