Review of REDEEMING CADE by Susan Crawford

Publisher: RedBud Press | Published: December 6, 2015 | Format: eBook | ASIN: B01928YM3G | Origin: Publisher 


Cover: Courtesy of Redbud Press

Cover: Courtesy of Redbud Press


REDEEMING CADE by Susan Crawford is a satisfying tale about life-changing redemption,  new hopes, and opposites attracting in a story threaded with doubts from page one!  

Upon meeting Cade McGuire, your heart will swoon over who this man has become. His plans take us into his heart and into his life with a troubled past as his present is looking up. A new job and a quest to help means it’s game on until he’s pinned into a corner by one slick politician and some of her family.

Around Darby Phillips, you’ll discover a political family that touts a war chest of financial backing, politics by the bloodline, and a set of parents seeming to pull the strings and run the show. Darby’s sibling is one you’ll like, but you’ll wonder about what happened to her brother.

Is he alive and what did he do?

***This opinion is my own.***


Cade McGuire is an ex-con and is beginning as an assistant director at the same mission where his life was altered, forever.  

On day one, all was going great and change was in the air as a new entertainment district would be coming to the neighborhood to pump jobs into the area giving new beginnings for many to come. Well, once Cade attends the press conference and the young politician running for a City Council seat fails to include details about the mission, Cade questions Darby Phillips only to learn of its demise.

With microphones on and cameras recording, Cade dares to invite the plastic smile politico on a tour of the mission to meet the future displaced occupants and unearth the good people this mission helps and the need for it.  

The last thing Darby Phillips needed was a challenge she couldn’t turn down.  

This presser was a lead in to a fundraiser for her campaign and that’s another downside to her career.  Everyone wants something from someone and favors are begged and given, but it’s all worth it for the goal. However, she begins to wonder about something.  

Does politics and helping people blend or does either one cancel out the other?