Review of DATING, DINING, and DESPERATION (A Dear Daphne Novel) by Melody Carlson

Publisher: B&H Books | Published: March 1, 2014 | Formats: eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover (323 pages) | ASIN: B00I9I8X04, ISBN: 9781433679315, and 9781410470485 | Series: A Dear Daphne Novel | Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of B&H Books


In A Dear Daphne Novel by Melody Carlson titled DATING, DINING, and DESPERATION, this author drops us in on Daphne Ballinger’s episodic life. Daphne struggles to be Dear Daphne, gain her inheritance, and find a spouse to keep her past as her present with a promising future!

Sure, it sounds complicated, but it’s really very simple. To uncover Daphne’s inheritance, you’ll discover the conditions that must be fulfilled to allow it to pass to her. Moving back to a home and a town from her past and departing New York isn’t something she knew she’d wanted until she has it.

However, she may not get to keep this new start.

Daphne is growing, changing, and her faith is strong, but she’s beginning to believe her Aunt Dee might’ve had it all wrong. In fact, through this frantic rush of trying to find a husband, she was missing out on finding the right man.

Now, she is just beginning to accept the past isn’t meant to be hers anymore. Although she wants this life, it might not be His will.

Is she wrong for trying to make Aunt Dee’s will a reality? She’s meeting many men, new friends, and finding out much about herself all while trying to keep it all. When someone else is dying, she remembers what is most important.

Will she unearth something else too?

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Melody Carlson’s, A Dear Daphne Novel, DATING, DINING, and DESPERATION shows Daphne Ballinger being left to her own devices for the syndicated column Dear Daphne, and she’s also left on her own to find a spouse. Nevertheless, these daunting tasks go hand in hand with a life she now enjoys, and Daphne wants to stay nested here.

It all starts with Aunt Dee’s will conditions to be met and they are causing this writer great angst.

In her rush, she mistakenly believed this aunt’s lawyer was the one, but he never was the one. The ticking of her deadline clock means she must be married by a certain date. It’s months away but time is flying by with her writing, gardening, and the blues over the lawyer not being the one.

However, life is about to get more interesting once a new neighbor moves in across the street. Sabrina is newly divorced, southern belle who starts to take Daphne’s cause under her wing, but all the men seem interested in her neighbor.

Well, at least, Daphne’s getting out more, but the more she’s getting out is the more she losing attachment to her own will. She’s beginning to wonder if God’s will doesn’t match her own will or even Aunt Dee’s will.

It is not until someone’s child needs her that Daphne’s world shifts and something no longer matters much anymore. Maybe what she is finding is worth so much more?