Review of CALICO SPY (Undercover Ladies Book 3) by Margaret Brownley

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press | Published: January 1, 2016 | Format: eBook and Paperback (320 pages) | ASIN: B015F06DOQ and ISBN: 9781628366280 | Series: Undercover Ladies Book 3 | Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy Barbour Publishing



Inside CALICO SPY, author Margaret Brownley brings us back to 1880 and puts us in the middle of Calico, Kansas with a lawman, a Pinkerton detective, two murders, a strict restaurateur, and danger hovering over everyone!

Sheriff Branch Whitman’s disappointment is palpable after two women were killed, but the perpetrator was good enough to leave nothing but a shoe behind. The trail was cold, the evidence was sparse, and his shoulders bore the brunt of it all. Fortunately, Calico had rebounded from rebuilding after a tornado took many citizens to their grave, including his own wife. With the help of a train, this town was finally doing well, but this sheriff needed to keep everyone safe meaning late nights, time away from his son, and chasing every whisper especially those over the bank.

Finding out that Mr. Harvey had hired a Pinkerton detective since his employees were murdered sets Branch on edge. The history of this detective agency is not the best, and he doesn’t need another killed because of this detective’s mistake. However, while running after the man, he discovers the newest Harvey Girl out for a nightly stroll. Did she not know that she could end up dead?

“Katie Madison” admired the town as she tried to get the lay of the land only to find herself on the ground. She’d been meaning to meet up with the sheriff and have the truth come out, but in no time at all, she was all too glad to remain silent.

Another badge who thought women were better at home only added him to the ever growing heap of them. Well, she may have been upended by the mess the man created, but it wouldn’t last. Katie will continue her investigation alone. It wouldn’t be the first time, she’d done better by herself. Although, she does admit to his good looks, but she still keeps the sheriff on the suspect list until proven otherwise.

However, he’s not the only dangerous man around these parts, and her investigation was beginning to stall. She must wonder if a crime that involves the sheriff’s son could be somehow connected?

Would this murderer ever meet justice?

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Margaret Brownley’s CALICO SPY is a western mystery tale about a town built from the ashes of disaster.

A Pinkerton detective is in Calico, Kansas to solve two murders. The difficulty in solving this one is that she can’t trust the sheriff. Katie Madison has no back up and worries about her cover getting blown since posing as a Harvey Girl is harder than dealing with criminals. She can’t solve the murder of their employees if she can’t keep the job but keeping the job is proving almost impossible.

Her story only gets worse once she meets this town’s sheriff.

Sheriff Branch Whitman makes it known that he’s searching for the Pinkerton detective, and his reason is not a nice one.

Katie’s suspects are many. Her cover comes close to the end, and she’s beginning to like many of the people in Calico. Meanwhile, she’s involved in more than one crime, can’t trust anyone, and is wondering about this sheriff by the time the man’s son even comes into focus.

Can these two even get along to catch a killer or will the truth lead somewhere either doesn’t want to go?