Review of THE BOUND HEART (The Everstone Chronicles V 2) by Dawn Crandall

Publisher: Whitaker House | eBook Published: November 1, 2014 and Paperback Published: October 6, 2015  | Format: eBook and Paperback (337 pages) | ASIN: B00P2YEFSC and ISBN: 9781629116594 | Series: The Everstone Chronicles V2 | Origin: Author 

Cover: Courtesy Whitaker House



Hidden histories? Youthful innocence? Family deceptions? Control? Lost? Found? Forgiveness? Murder? Oh, yes!  THE BOUND HEART (The Everstone Chronicles V2) by Dawn Crandall entices you with a family secret, an emotional kiss,  and an ill-timed turn of fate leaving you and the heroine circulating in the realm of yes and no, promises and broken hearts.  

Meredyth Summercourt’s plans have been toppled and the one who caused this mess has been her friend for many years.

She has a past that only a few know sealing her inside a plan from long ago. She’s promised to Vance Everstone, and this promise bounds her for many reasons. Meredyth knows she’s unfit to be another’s wife, but her promised one hasn’t come around in years, placing all that she thought she wanted as a trap.

Fortunately, Meredyth has already accepted spinsterhood. In fact, sometimes, she’s actually relieved by the thought. She’s declined many other proposals always preferring her life the way it is now. Or the way it had been until right now.

How does a friend for life turn into something so much more?

Meanwhile, Lawry Hampton’s plan involves an orphanage and children in danger.  He’s from an elite class and worries over the “problem plan” his family will see things to be.  He knows in his heart it’s what he has to do.  The woman friend he trusts is also from the wealth infused life, but her genuine support takes his happiness into a place he’d never believed possible, until now.

He’s sure of the reason this woman pushes him away, but he is also becoming sure of how she feels. Will she change her relationship with him or will something he knows hold her back? 

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In THE BOUND HEART (The Everstone Chronicles V2) by Dawn Crandall, we find Meredyth Summercourt chained to a past that was to be a future of long ago desires, but through a young orphan, she realizes what pain can really feel like and how cruel the world can be.  However, she discovers herself serving others and through her friend she uncovers true love.

How much has she fought for control in vain?  She learns you can’t force your will to be when God has another outcome planned. 

In the meantime, Lawry Hampton has his own fears of rejection from family, but there is one person he is sure would be honest. From childhood, to adulthood, Meredyth Summercourt has been a part of his life, but not always in the way he hoped. She awaits something that may never be and doesn’t always see the way it could be. To that end, she protects her heart and can seem distant, but he knows her enough and will lay out his plans for her advice.

When he does this, she displays such amazing warmth, a desire to help, and a selfless heart until he’s overcome with emotion and automatically takes risk without thought. Torn between appropriate apologies and not being sorry at all, he’s worried that he’s lost a friend in the process of losing his heart. 

Is this friendship in death throes or can it be saved by a broken heart?