Review of THE SILVER SUITCASE by Terrie Todd

Publisher: Waterfall Press | Publishes: January 26, 2016 | Format: eBook and Paperback (362 pages) | ASIN: B013FS57P6 and ISBN: 9781503950498 | Origin: NetGalley

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Inside THE SILVER SUITCASE by Terrie Todd, we drop in on Cornelia Faith Simpson and later on her granddaughter, Benita.

Cornelia’s a teen going on closer to a rebellious spirit while her country is moving ever closer to entering World War II.  Cornelia’s middle name doesn’t fit her since the day she lost her mother. She’s been called brave and strong for her age, but at the age of twelve what she really lost was her belief system, her model, and her hope. It’s only gotten worse with the depression, the war, and the pain that hasn’t really left her heart.  For Cornelia, it takes only three visitors to change her life from both inside and out. 

Her mother’s best friend, Eva, finally pays a visit years after the woman died, but she brings along her son, a long-lost prize, and some news. Will Eva have a hand in breaking Cornelia’s heart or will she be the friend that’s almost like a mother? 

Fast forward to her granddaughter, Benita, many years later. She’s married with children going through her own economic downturn, problems with her husband, and is at her own loss for faith.

Things seem to only get worse once her grandmother passes away leaving Benita with the silver suitcase!

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THE SILVER SUITCASE by Terrie Todd begins in Canada in 1939 during the depression and her country’s entry into World War II.

Cornelia Faith Simpson is a county girl who at twelve became the woman of the farm-house once her mother died. She cooks, cleans, and helps with farm chores all while attending school. The date her mother died stole her twelfth birthday, stole her middle name from her life, and later on comes close to making her someone with heart of stone until she meets a young man.

Henry is the son of her mother’s best friend, Eva, and they’ve come for a visit. In fact, Henry is staying for the summer and for the first time in a long time, Cornelia feels herself thaw and begins to look forward to her days. She falls in love, and even endures Henry’s faith and some of it might start to make sense, again. Until the unspeakable happens to leave Cornelia with a secret, more loss, and wishing for death.

Many years later, her granddaughter, Benita, faces life’s pressures and problems along with the loss of her grandmother. She inherits the silver suitcase only to discover her grandmother’s own secrets before things for Benita can only get worse!