Review of LET’S LEARN ABOUT PSALM 23 by Catherine DeVries

Illustrated by:  Ryan Jackson | Publisher: David C. Cook | Publishes: February 1, 2016 | Formats: Brdbk (26 pages) | ISBN: 9780781412704 | Series: HeartSmart | Origin: NetGalley 


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Children will enjoy being with Jackson on his grandpa’s farm learning about farm chores and meeting barnyard animals all while preparing for those child-sized life storms!  

From baby lambs to chicken eggs, children tour life as a farmer and take their part in a story inside Let’s Learn about Psalm 23. Again, Author Catherine DeVries and illustrator Ryan Jackson team up to give us another playful read to engage children inside a creative world.

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Inside Let’s Learn about PSALM 23, Author Catherine DeVries and illustrator Ryan Jackson bring a friend to help Jackson with chores and leads them into one of life’s unexpected storms. Now, these friends get to stay with grandma and learn about God and the Bible.

Jackson takes the lead in asking questions that would be on their minds while Grandma provides comfort until everyone rides out the storm learning Psalm 23!