Review of INVISIBLE FOR YOUNG WOMEN: How You Feel Is Not Who You Are by Jennifer Rothschild

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers | Published: February 1, 2016 | Formats: eBook and Paperback (178 pages) | ASIN: B018676EUI and ISBN: 9780736965750 | Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of Harvest House Publishers



Jennifer Rothschild’s INVISIBLE FOR YOUNG WOMEN: How You Feel Is Not Who You Are brings to the forefront paths that insecurity, emotions, feelings, and situations can use pulling young women into a downward spiral of seeking approval, acceptance, and recognition in the worse of circumstances, through the human condition. Likened through the biblical Hosea to Gomer, young women of today can be searching out the wrong places and during the wrong times.

However, this author shows the many ways in which our own thinking can be powerful in putting our focus onto the One in whom we are loved, accepted, and special just because of who He is. The young women are reminded they are especially known, beloved, and are somebody’s through Scripture from not one but many Biblical versions and translations.

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Through INVISIBLE FOR YOUNG WOMEN: How You Feel Is Not Who You Are, Jennifer Rothschild lays a groundwork in the study of Hosea and Gomer with a current day feel. This lesson along with many Scripture verses envelops the young women with understanding of their own feelings or situations and proves that these things do not change His view of them.

They are loved despite being imperfect, disconnected, or in the “wrong” crowd.

Jennifer Rothschild demonstrates with her own emotions, feelings, thoughts, and circumstances that everyone can and does feel many of these same emotions, but those emotions do not make anyone into someone they are not. Using proven self talk methods, this author teaches ways to combat feelings or emotions evoked by media, cultural influences, and social media to turn around their own wayward mind’s “put downs” or their “familiarity fatigue”.

She makes it a point to show that nothing can change His feelings not even other’s social media accounts!

He is love. They are loved. You are beloved.