Review of PLANTED WITH HOPE (The Pinecraft Pie Shop Series) by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore

Publisher: Harvest House | Publishes: March 1, 2016 | Formats: eBook and Paperback (336 pages) | ASIN: B018676G1K and ISBN: 9780736961318 | Series: The Pinecraft Pie Shop Series | Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy of Harvest House Publishers



In PLANTED WITH HOPE (The Pinecraft Pie Shop Series) by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore, we visit the Miller family in Pinecraft, Florida awhile after their move from Ohio to aid in Dat’s health. Although he still does have issues, this move works for him to improve his condition.

The problem is that Hope Miller struggles with the relocation still. Along with her, we try to find a place in Pinecraft where she can belong, and we plunge into her feelings of loss, longing for the past, and despairing of the future. With many around her, she feels alone but not unloved, and she’s steadfastly pushing people away.

Meanwhile, the panic attacks are happening around people and have grown to include her own family, but she can’t seem to make it stop. Not wanting to become a burden, she makes a plan.

She’s attempting to forward her agenda and move back up North where she belongs as she writes a letter to her cousin. It’s funny to her that while the snowbirds come to Pinecraft to escape, she’s the one missing the seasons, the farming, and the gardening. Is there more from her old life that Hope’s been missing maybe even more than she realized? Or can she rebuild a life and find happiness in Pinecraft?

Through a journal written years before, by an Englisch woman, Hope begins to understand herself, her issues, and how to change plus she finds enjoyment again in discovering these aged assortment of recipes and amazing gardening tips too!

It’s only when a new teacher temporarily moves into town with his daughter, Emma, does she uncover that he could be her ticket back to the life she wants. However, it’s changes inside of herself and Pinecraft that brings more questions once this widower named Jonas Sutter becomes interested.

Wherever she plants herself, can she and her garden really grow? Is love after loss for either Jonas or Hope even possible?

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PLANTED WITH HOPE by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore begins in Pinecraft, Florida inside an Amish community with another installment of  The Pinecraft Pie Shop series featuring another of the Miller sisters.

Hope Miller has been down since their move to the “Sunshine State” and the family recognizes her issues although she tries to hide it from them.

A plan is hatched between a widower and his sister to give the community something new and something to bring about new life, and it involves Lovina Miller’s property.  Upon learning this, Lovina sees the plan as something extraordinary she can give to the sister who craves something she had in Ohio, but in a place not far from their new home and near to the family and community gathering spot. She presents the gifted garden plot to Hope and the plan is met with shock and enthusiasm until the part about a community effort is revealed.

Hope loves and desires the peace and quiet time inside a garden. It’s the spiritual growth she finds in the new spurts of life and tending to God’s earth that give her this, but how can any of that happen with too many hands on the shovel and inside the soil? This was supposed to be something for Hope, but it seems that it’s turning into a little something for everyone.

The school children come to play with the dirt, and it seems that everyone else has their own idea of when, how, and what to plant.

In trying to escape the onslaught of the multitudes, Hope begins going to the garden in the early morning hours until the new school teacher meets her there with Emma.  Jonas Sutter is a widower caring for a daughter who shows Hope how much growing things means to him as a farmer.

The problem is that he will only be in Pinecraft for a season.

Can a season breed love and hope for a future as a shared family? Or will this friendship lead to more loss for all of them ahead?