Review of SIT, STAY, LOVE by Dana Mentink

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers | Publishes: April 1, 2016 | Format: eBook and Paperback (224 pages) | ASIN: B01CV4D9P0 and ISBN: 9780736966078  | Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy of Harvest House Publishers



SIT, STAY, LOVE by Dana Mentink takes the stuffing out of sad scenarios to repurpose them with love, laughter, and a 13 year old dog named Tippy.

With an inheritance, you’d expect duties, paperwork, and lawyers, but inside SIT, STAY, LOVE by Dana Mentink, you’ll discover Tippy, as she trots into the lives of those around her, pulling us into stories of pain, love, forgiveness, and family! 

Cal Crawford has one thing on his mind, and Tippy is not it.  In fact, the only thing he ever wanted has overtaken his life, but without it, he doesn’t have much of a life. He’s a superstar pitcher in the big leagues giving off the appearance of fame equals glamour, leading everyone to imagine such a full and active life. They’re half right. He. Must. Stay. Active.  Friends are few and family is fewer after the death of his mother, but he stays obsessively focused.  And the last thing he needs is to inherit a senior dog.

There are many things still to do after her death since the lawyers want documents, the ranch needs work, and the dog needs a new home, but for now he settles in with a dog sitter for Tippy because he has no other choices. And he’ll get to everything else in time.  

Meanwhile, Gina Palmer is a new entry in the dog sitting business and a never before addition to the celebrity clientele set. These clients are in a world far removed from hers. She’s lost her dream teaching job, her dream child, her income, and her heart, but this business is paying more than unemployment. 

She just needs the job. Her car announces her money woes, but she’s dressed in a jacket and is ready to handle the newest client with the required “kid gloves”. And she does well, until Mr. Big Star Pitcher offers to put her and the dog into an apartment, condo, or some other place. It’s then she realizes just how presumptuous and egotistical Mr. Cal Crawford really is, and as she’s reaching for the door, Gina knows that she’s going to be reason her cousin lost this client. 

Cal Crawford comes after her trying to convince her what she thought isn’t what he meant at all. He still wants to use the sitting service, while he finds a home for the dog.  Okay, she’s accepting his logic and her cousin’s paycheck, but she’s not-so-ready to accept his calling the dog it. Tippy is a she, and Gina will correct him. 

While love finds this dog, she finds those to love, and Tippy will have you puzzled in one moment and laughing in the next. Soon, Gina will come to learn what others knew before her.

There’s just something about Tippy!

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Author Dana Mentink introduces cynical Cal Crawford who is focused on his God-given talents and his own goal while refusing to face the unexpected depths of grief, anger, resentment, and a dog named Tippy. Only this leads to him facing confrontation by a dog sitter, control artist named Gina Palmer in SIT, STAY, LOVE!

With Gina Palmer, this author connects the crusty baseball pro and the love of a good dog to a heart that’s been broken inside a dreamer who lost her dream and her love.

These three meet, their lives change, and their differences in understanding dawn, but two hearts need to heal and forgive. Tippy is already connected to the baseball pitcher through family, but can this dog make this man sit, stay, and love?

The dog sitter seems to have it easy in the creating love department plus she will sit with Tippy, but could a dog make this sitter stay or will she head for safer ground?