Review of DAILY WISDOM 3-Minute Devotions for Women by Barbour Books

Publisher: Barbour Books | Publishes: April 1, 2016 | Formats: Paperback (192 pages) | ISBN: 9781634096898 |  Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy NetGalley



The DAILY WISDOM 3-Minute Devotions for Women by Barbour Publishing provides Scripture with modern devotional stories and prayers in a quick fashion to be an easy reach inside today’s bustling pace, bringing us to Him! From our frenzied interactions to our entertainment offerings, we face choices and conflicting messages, but His word can still direct our steps and light our path through our God conversations.

As new generations of women face differences in today’s world than their counterparts did as the ladies of yesteryear, this faithful reading takes us into His word to start a day, end a day, or bring Him into a midday break and inside His ways.


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Inside DAILY WISDOM 3-Minute Devotions for Women by Barbour Publishing, today’s women are brought to speak with God using Biblical verses, timely devotions, and faithful prayer starters all in accelerated succession.

The new generations come to God from within new complexities, and these devotions mesh today’s issues with God moments to help guide women through this hurry up and go world.