Review of HER SMALL-TOWN ROMANCE by Jill Kemerer

Publisher: Love Inspired | eBook Published: April 1, 2016 and Paperback Published: March 22, 2016 | Format: eBook and Paperback (224 pages) | ASIN: B015W7TMDQ and ISBN: 9780373719488 | Origin: Author 


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Jill Kemerer’s HER SMALL-TOWN ROMANCE keeps the pages turning as you fall in love! In Lake Endwell, Michigan you’ll discover the closeness of a small town and the overflowing love inside the Sheffield family that keeps you wishing to live there. However, it’s one of their own who wants out!

Bryan Sheffield had his personal business gutted throughout the town, thanks to his former wife’s cheating ways, but it’s when he sees happy families, loving couples, and expectant fathers, he just wants to bolt. However, it’s now reached to the point where inside his own family, he’s becoming claustrophobic. Bryan has made up his mind to leave, and all he has to do is wait for the right time. The place is far enough that crosses the border over into Canada and hopefully bridges the pain as he’s goes back to where his peace can grow in the wilderness there. Like his grandfather, he’s emotionally and faithfully tied to the earth.

Meanwhile, she got a degree and had a job and enjoyed living in Las Vegas, until her grandmother died, but it was then, Jade Emerson had to go. Mimi was the only family that kept her rooted there, and when she was gone, so then the only real love Jade ever had in life was lost. In this newest adventure, her college degree wasn’t wasted, but the job she had been in Vegas wasn’t where she wanted to be.

Her mother wants her in Paris, her father wouldn’t care where she goes, and she’s determined to uncover her grandmother’s earlier life in Lake Endwell, Michigan.

However, Jade’s panic attacks would grow as her fear has not left her, and she’s going to face all of it head on. Living in a forest town, she was going to conquer what has held her back since childhood. Jade Emerson wants to prove to herself that she’s not “little girl lost” anymore.

You’ll love this romance while marveling at the peaceful town in Michigan only to uncover what secrets and fears lay ahead!


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HER SMALL-TOWN ROMANCE by Jill Kemerer shows Jade Emerson’s new life in Lake Endwell, Michigan. She’s the to-be new owner of a T-shirt shop as she searches for long ago aspects of her grandmother’s life that she wants on the road to a new life of her own.  However, she’s got to face obstacles, issues, and her own fears to even have a shot toward happiness.  

At the beginning of her new road, she finds that she’s met the go-to-guy of the wilderness in guide Bryan Sheffield. but will her past life steer him clear of helping her? Will problems stop her chance before it even begins?

Concurrently, wilderness guide Bryan Sheffield has a purpose for teaching this class, and if it can happen, it will lead him away from his pain and into a new uncomplicated life.

Things might already be looking bad for him.  

Despite his advertising and the family’s help, only one person shows up to learn thus leaving him with a problem that he never expected.

It’s more than obvious that Lake Endwell’s newcomer can’t take his class, but he needs to make this change. In the middle of it all, can he help Jade Emerson and help himself? Or will both of their situations become increasingly worse?