Review of THE SOLID ROCK (Hymns of the West Book 5) by Faith Blum

Publisher: Faith Blum | Published: March 26, 2016 | Formats: eBook (261 pages and Paperback (418 pages) | ASIN: B01CWCDBJK and ISBN: 9781530400324 | Series: Hymns of the West | Origin: Author 


Cover: Courtesy of Faith Blum


In THE SOLID ROCK (Hymns of the West Book 5) by Faith Blum, we are dropped into a tale when a Pinkerton detective goes missing, but he’s not the first man to disappear from inside Cheyenne. This Western comes steeped in suspense to combine faith and God’s Word in some of these characters but not all. Good versus evil and light versus dark collide often between these pages keeping you reading and guessing what comes next!

This missing gentleman’s daughter, Elizabeth, goes the only route she is sure to help, and it’s to the place her father belongs.

Meanwhile, Joshua Brookings has become a too famous Pinkerton detective who took some needed time off. The decisions he has to make are weighing heavily on him, but his freedom has only made him sure of what path to follow when he is summoned by Mr. William Pinkerton.

Joshua’s skills can save a man, but his heart and soul can lose much in the process. However, his friend needs him, and he will go. An unseen danger, a friend in need, and a daughter left alone await Joshua’s arrival, but confusion turns into mystery and suspense with nighttime visitors, a hidden office with notes, and questions that surround most of the people he meets.  

The missing man left instructions and a who can you trust list, leaving Joshua with more questions than answers.

Can Joshua solve the crime, save this life, and keep himself together or will this be the crime he can’t solve and the life he can’t save before coming unglued?

Does romance dominate in this mission or does it go further than this?

Throughout the west of the 1800’s, God’s Word wasn’t a part of the criminal’s plan, and the upright people who held to their morals could be torn apart by the rougher people, terrain, and elements like never before to sink them lower than they ever imagined.   

Can faith endure and will love win the day or will pain and loss follow as a result of this criminal element that’s so much closer than anyone could guess? 

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THE SOLID ROCK by Faith Blum is the standalone fifth book of the Hymns of the West series where you’ll uncover Joshua Brookings still is a Pinkerton Detective.

The mission seems almost too simple, at first, but Mr. William Pinkerton believes foul play is afoot in Cheyenne! Brookings is to find the man, help him solve the case, and go back to his own life, and he plans to do just that.  

Getting to the location brought back some good and bad memories, but Joshua wasn’t going to stay in those thoughts. He was preparing his mind for the case as he knew it to be, and he began to focus on some of his own questions.  How could any case take ten years and still be in progress? Knowing the Pinkerton detective only makes it more incredible since if Mr. Edward Harris could have solved it, he would have.  

Now, he began to wonder about the man who hired Mr. Harris. What did they really know about him?

But once at the Harris home, Joshua sees the extensive notes left by Edward that makes him realize just how simple this case will not be, and he realizes the only way to find Edward Harris is go undercover.

The last time Joshua did this, it nearly took his sanity and risked his faith, but knowing Edward Harris and his daughter, he needed to find his friend and set things right. Yes, even if he loses himself in the process by drowning in the sinking sand despite his best intentions, he will do this.

However, the dangerous people that come into focus make it less likely that either Mr. Harris or Joshua Brookings will end up unscathed!