Review of PARIS IN OAKLAND by Eliza Q. Hemenway

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform | Published: March 18, 2016 | Format: Paperback (102 pages) | ISBN: 9781519578518 | Origin: Author


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Eliza Q. Hemenway yanks us into a true David and Goliath size battle in PARIS IN OAKLAND. For her daughter, Katherine, she routinely goes up against doctors, hospitals, medical facilities, and insurance claims all because of Lyme disease. Faith will be tested. To just keep her daughter out of pain and very much alive, quite literally, this mother advocates in every sense of the word.

In reading Katherine’s story, the tension mounts quick, and like the tick that started us down this path, the issues that this insect created just won’t let us go.

We’ve all had to fight battles for those we love, but to watch, as this mother did, a child suffer but receive no help to inadequate help is something happening right out of today’s headlines, but it was happening long before today and will continue to occur. Surreal medical deadlocks with bulging bureaucracies are decreasing the healing odds while anger, sadness, hope, tears, and bedside dangers blend together as we go inside PARIS IN OAKLAND.

However, this author isn’t just showing us her journey. She’s moved back the curtains exposing a mother’s pain hidden in layers to help others who struggle with Lyme disease, and she makes us watch the opposite sides of medical schools of thought when it comes down to this or that doctrine versus the patient in heartrending ways. This is not a pretty sight. This author states plainly, the lack of awareness, understanding, treatment, and help doesn’t just happen in her doctor offices, her hospitals, or her labs. These are all systemic issues inside the treatment of Lyme disease that costs patients so very much including their lives.

Where there is a tick, Lyme disease will not be far away, and a battle will come to life inside the host person once a tick enters. This battle plus a different type of war will take place in every medical office that this patient host enters, and every day this continues to happen as every bit of silence keeps this war moving forward.

PARIS IN OAKLAND by Eliza Q. Hemenway is a book that I truly recommend.

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In PARIS IN OAKLAND, Eliza Q. Hemenway treads a road of hope and pain on the hunt of a treatment of Lyme Disease for her daughter, Katherine.

Katherine’s story is not an outlier in a nightmare no one would face inside the Lyme Disease pathway. In fact, it’s the ordeal that many have dealt with, continue to battle, and some are just yet beginning to wish they could make it go away. However, a turf war happening inside the medical community over Lyme is far from over and each patient comes face to face with horrific situations where hope and faith are on the edge of pain and despair.

When a mother wants her child to live life without the painful torment of Lyme disease, having no knowledge of the controversy that surrounds this diagnosis, she is thrown into an unthinkable position inside the medical community. The battles of doctrine trample over the patient on the table paving a road to lack of hope, lack of support, and lack of understanding.

Can faith remain or will the falter of hope lead to life or death?