Review of LAST PROMISE by Scarlett Dunn

Publisher: Zebra (Kensington) | Published: April 26, 2016 | Format: eBook (352 pages), and Mass Market Paperback, (352 pages) | ASIN: B0138NH9SG and ISBN: 9781420138931 | Series: The McBride Brothers | Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy of Kensington Publishing Corp


In this last of The McBride Brothers series, LAST PROMISE by Scarlett Dunn, you’ll uncover an intriguing Christian tale not only pulling you toward the edgy side in the early Western culture of both language and actions but also into a romance of opposites! You’ll find a runaway Brit. and a play and go cowboy seem to connect, but will someone keep them from sealing the deal?

Luke McBride is a churchgoing man possessing a tough and tumble personality exuding charm to capture the ladies. An easygoing manner puts him at ease with the unabashed saloon doves he dares to visit, the town folk, and those single women scrambling for a marriage match. However, unlike his brothers, Luke keeps himself far away from a lasso of wedded bliss, shotgun or otherwise. In fact, the town’s women seem all too aware that he’s a player.

Meanwhile, British heiress Mary Ann Hardwicke is on the run from an arranged marriage where love never enters the frame. She takes a desperate leap of faith to the only place in America where she holds a connection. Mary Ann is sure that trouble may follow her, and her uncle must know. She will be honest for safety sake.

Her unescorted travels had led her into a host of situations to arrive in a West that’s wilder than she had ever heard. Stepping off the stagecoach, she discovers a man with two flirtatious women on his arms, but in a matter of one minute, the same cowboy has fists and names flying in a street brawl.

Now, she’s beginning to wonder. Was her travel here one big mistake? It only takes another few minutes for Mary Ann to walk into the beautiful hotel that her uncle owns, and she begins to calm as she takes in the elegance she’s at once surrounded with and had been accustomed to.

Will he let her stay? Or will a danger that is sure to arrive cost him just too much?


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LAST PROMISE by Scarlett Dunn brings one British lady and one wild sided cowboy in close proximity only to find that his playing ways have not a chance with this woman’s heart.

Her background has made her sure it’s love or nothing in her life, and since love will not be, she’s fine alone.

Circumstances may change but not all people can follow. Maybe Luke McBride has met the one, but maybe that one woman could never be his. While faith has found Luke, his lifestyle may reflect something else and while the British heiress, Mary Ann Hardwicke, has found a place she wants to call home, maybe it’s a home not meant to be.

When family, faith, and change blend together, will two opposites unite as one? Or does her trouble mean a whole lot more pain than she had ever imagined?