Review of PERILOUS JUDGMENT: A Real Justice Thriller by Dennis Ricci

Publisher: Waterfall Press | Published: May 17, 2016 | Formats: eBook (496 pages), Paperback, and Audio | ASIN: B0188IN0OI, ISBN: 9781503934771, and Audio ASIN: B01E0I26UE | Origin: NetGalley


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Inside Dennis Ricci’s PERILOUS JUDGMENT: A Real Justice Thriller, we are shoved into a political headliner within the Federal courts to become ensnared in a tug-of-war where law, justice, and corruption battle together in two different countries. On either side of the border, whoever gets in the way receives a death sentence, as we can’t put this book down!

Federal District Judge Edward Lamport enjoys his courtroom, stirs up his counterparts, and understands the laws, but his court calendar is stalled as one decision led to another landing this immigration case before him. His decision isn’t yet made, but Los Angeles gangs already promise to end his life before he ends his case, but that’s just the flash point of this tale.

Would anyone be happy with his answer? The inclusion of the US Marshals into this Judge’s daily life, a bullet proof vest, and a gun with attached lessons on shooting to kill tells us not a chance.

While some of our current day news stories will become even more startling causing a host of different questions needing answers, a call from Mexico throws us into a deadfall within the Mexican side of Lamport’s family. This has all become even more personal to a son of the judge.

Edward Lamport needs to break this particular news to his wife, and while peril can, on a daily basis, infiltrate the Federal court system, the real pitfall comes as she is to learn that her husband neglected to tell all about his family ties. And this quicksand might just have the making of his end in so many other ways. Families on both sides of the Mexican border have a share of double trouble that attaches them.

Who can he trust?

When this handpicked judge goes to the “right” side for help, things will only grow worse. What is the honorable judge willing to do or could he run out of time just as he tries to decide?

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Dennis Ricci’s PERILOUS JUDGMENT: A Real Justice Thriller reaches inside the life of a Federal judge and into his court calendar where danger breeds. 

The Honorable Edward Lamport has backstroked within the waters of controversy during his stay, and he understands that many dislike him and his decisions. For the most part, Edward takes the death threats with a shrug—as it is almost built-in to the job description—and it wasn’t as if he didn’t know the possible dangers, threats, and news assaults as a Federal judge because he did. Despite these things, Edward Lamport took the Federal District bench with the full support of his loving wife.

It wasn’t until a call for help reached him from Mexico did this judge realize just how fast a family secret could change everything.

From love and marriage to children and work, everything gets upended, and his cards lay bare on the table. This pain his wife feels cuts through him, but it was a pain that would’ve come much earlier had he’d done the right thing and told her.

Now with lives depending on his openness, he will be the father that he never was and help his son even while everything on this day comes with a cost.

Meanwhile, Carlos considers himself happy with the life that was provided for him. He goes to work and wants to do a great job. In fact, he has done so, and he has been granted even more responsibility. This is when he discovers what is really going on behind the scenes in Mexico’s largest bank and the corruption it fuels through a money-laundering on two sides of the Mexican border. In the scope of his job responsibilities, he has also uncovered the accountability of corruption. It begins at the top and filters through some of Mexico’s government offices. 

Carlos needs to keep this trouble away from his mother’s doorstep, but he tells her cryptically for her own safety before he goes on the run.

Will Carlos make it to the United States border alive?