Review of TANGLED LIES by Connie Mann

Publisher: Waterfall Press | Published: May 24, 2016 | Format: eBook (322 pages), Paperback (322 pages), and Audio CD | ASIN: B0194UEDEK, ISBN: 9781503934764, and Audio ISBN: 9781522613428 | Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of Waterfall Press



Will a cancer victim’s search for answers end up in a manhunt or will everything spiral out of control long before the police take a hard look?

TANGLED LIES by Connie Mann jolts us into twisting story just when Captain Sasha Petrov’s carefree life isn’t going along as she expects while the man that she works for becomes more vengeful by the minute inside a bad break up.

With her own reason for returning home to Safe Harbor, Sasha’s foster-mother’s sixtieth birthday was the perfect time to make her great escape. However, the problem with actually doing it was that her unattached lifestyle included her foster family, and she had to mend broken fences from her high school years to be there.

So be it. She will do this.

But had she not been detached from this loving family, she would’ve learned long ago about Mama Rosa’s cancer and how other treatments didn’t work. She wouldn’t have walked in on these experimental cancer treatments and the desperate wishes of her possibly dying foster-mother with a desire that goes up against her foster-father’s request.

What should she do now?

In the meantime, out of prison and in need of a new start and a bit of cash, Jesse Claybourne drives back into Safe Harbor with a boat that can win the race with a large purse attached to it. While he expected the looks that boats like The Painted Lady would get, he didn’t count on the animosity and hatred for his background infecting his hometown.

He never gave thought to all of this until the residents make it clear he’s not wanted here. In fact, he’s asked to leave. If he could, he would, and he’ll plan to go until he sees the one woman from his high school days who penetrated his heart.

However, she wasn’t one to get into long-term thoughts and planning, but will she be among those who don’t want him around or will their shared past still bind them together?


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In TANGLED LIES, Connie Mann beings two people with a troubled past back together, but each of them have their own secrets with their own reasons for being back in Safe Harbor.

However, the woman with a sick family member and what could be a possibly dying wish needs help, and since many in the community don’t want Captain Sasha Petrov poking around in this town’s horrific past, he is the only one she can turn to.

Jesse Claybourne enjoyed growing up inside Safe Harbor and getting to know Captain Sasha Petrov and her family. Upon hearing of Mama Rosa’s illness he had to go and pay respects to such a loving family. But just seeing the master of cut and run, Sasha Petrov, quickly toyed with his emotions, and his willpower to ditch the town as soon as possible. When Sasha runs into similar troubles as his own, his protective instincts take hold.

She needs his help, and he needs her in his life.

Will they find the answer to Mama Rosa’s desperate wish without tearing apart an entire family? Or will this family survive and leave the hearts of Sasha and Jesse shredded in the process?