Review of THE VALLEY OF DRY BONES: An End Times Novel by Jerry B. Jenkins

Publisher: Worthy Publishing | Publishes: May 31, 2016 | Formats: eBook (336 pages), Paperback, and Audio | ASIN: B017AE1YBM, ISBN: 9781617950087, and Audio CD ISBN: 9781633896215 | Origin: NetGalley


                                      Cover: Courtesy of Worthy Publishing



THE VALLEY OF DRY BONES: An End Times Novel by Jerry B. Jenkins leads us into a not too far-fetched tale starring the drought ridden and abandoned state of California where the inhabitants that can go nowhere else are stuck.

When most people are long gone, some cared enough to stay, and these doers provide for those inside a wasteland when others refused. Ezekiel (Zeke) Thorppe, Doc, and Pastor Bill along with many others bring medical help, food, and the richness of water without profit or gain along with His word to give hope.

However, all are not accepting of not for profit ideals as others are in this mess of a place to make money and wreak havoc. Tension quirks up as they know who to avoid, but it’s the avoiding that becomes more dangerous once terrorism looms.

Who is guilty?


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Jerry B. Jenkins writes THE VALLEY OF DRY BONES: An End Times Novel to include a current day dilemma in a fictional theme of abandonment by a nation and those left to fend for themselves.

In the wake of a political storm and a presidential bid, those left, after a declaration that the entire state of California is a disaster area, are no longer protected by the laws of the United States as only a scant military presence will stay.

The remnants are eclectic in background, values, and ancestry, but while they fight to survive, the California desert can make enemies out of friends as insults hover over helping hands when a government detects a terrorist threat.

But who is the threat?