Review of THE HEART ANSWERS by Colleen Coble

Publisher: Thomas Nelson | Published: June 14, 2016 | Format: Paperback – Reprint Edition (224 pages) | ISBN: 9780529103444 | Series: Wyoming Series | Origin: NetGalley

Cover: Courtesy of Thomas Nelson


In a reprint edition of THE HEART ANSWERS by Colleen Coble, we slide back into the past and travel with an unhappy family, but while mother and daughter still grieve the loss of husband and father, they are destitute. It’s when this mother decides to keep the family together through a marriage of convenience that we get to really uncover Jessica DuBois.

To live a life of wealth only to end up poor is more than Jessica is able to handle. She’d already gone from an orphanage to a family and isn’t ready for what her mother has planned.

Meanwhile, Reverend Clay Cole meets up with trouble and ends up saving the lives of travelers going his way, but the beautiful woman known as Jessica is someone who Clay feels needs to find humility and discipline while losing her harsh tone. It’s 1867 and in Wyoming you won’t find an easy life. The land is rough, and the work is hard. This woman needs to take off her gloves and earn her keep.

Her lack of faith is as clear as the manipulative games she plays. His lessons for her will be just as transparent.

Once things are not going according to her will, Jessica’s finding out that beauty isn’t everything while Reverend Clay Cole is holding onto some bitter memories of his own. Clay brings people to faith and believes he has His ways in mind, but somewhere, he may have lost His ways inside his own heart.

Can these two put their differences aside for a child in need? Will placing trust in her cause anyone harm?

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THE HEART ANSWERS by Colleen Coble, begins inside a fort during the year 1867 and soon after a beloved husband and father dies.

While her uncle is willing to marry her mother, Jessica DuBois is far from ready to become part of a family she will never like or could ever endure. What Jessica needs is a man to keep her inside the life she’s grown accustomed to and will get her back to Boston and civilized society. Her choices are limited, but when a handsome stranger comes to help ladies in distress, she sets her target. 

However, Reverend Clay Cole believes he already knows Jessica DuBois, but as more tragedy strikes, he’s doubting a family’s relationship with this woman could have gotten them any worse.

But is he wrong?