Review of DEEP SHADOWS (Remnant Book 1) by Vannetta Chapman

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers | Published: ebook June 28, 2016 and paperback July 1, 2016 | Formats: eBook (370 pages) and Paperback (368 pages) | ASIN: B01EBNW67G and ISBN: 9780736966535 | Series: Remnant | Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of Harvest House Publishers



In DEEP SHADOWS (The Remnant Book 1) by Vannetta Chapman, we are thrown into a futuristic, grim tale that will make us wonder about our dependence on technology! One day, could something like this be our catastrophic fate?

Imagine that you are inside a contemporary, Texas town where today’s phones and entertainment choices plus everything from medical records to medications and the shipping and receiving of groceries supplies suddenly go black. With the creature comforts of electricity, plumbing, and public transportation having ended while electronic components make every new automobile useless. The older car models need gas that fried circuits cannot pump.

Welcome to a modern country thrown backward in time, when air-conditioning was a dream of not that long ago with summer temperatures upon us. These plights aren’t a brownout, blackout, or an inconvenience. This is a permanent condition.

Due to a solar flare, water can run dry, medicine cannot be found, and food supplies quickly dwindle as the senior generations have been here before, but the younger generations are far out of their element. Hostility quickly becomes a way of life. It is almost a modern wild-west story that encompasses the whole country and many others when the a third world is no longer a much-wondered about existence.

It’s here. It’s today. It is in the USA where basic survival is in question!

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Vannetta Chapman’s DEEP SHADOWS (The Remnant Book 1) combines the present with the future inside a Texas town.

When living in this small town, as a single mom, novelist Shelby Sparks feels at home. Yes, everyone knows everyone’s business, but these people are almost an extended family too. Even the man who broke her heart, many years ago, is now considered one of her best friends proving time heals most wounds and moves on for all. Her son, Carter, will soon graduate high school and head off to college.

Life in Abney, Texas is as it’s always been and getting better even still, until everything changes.

An unusual dance along the evening sky would be beautiful if it wasn’t a deadly encounter for everyone below.

Max Berkman is a lawyer inside his hometown, where he relocated years before to re-find the peace he’d been missing. His law firm cases are not all that complicated, but they do show some of the lesser aspects of the human condition at times, never letting him forget why he moved back to Abney, Texas.

While hiking with his friends and the special woman that he lost a long time ago, something magical happens. To see the aurora borealis from a mountain range is both humbling and awe-inspiring, but the Shelby Sparks reaction is far from a faith encounter. The fear radiating from her puts him into a protective mode that only grows once the explosions start. With a friend whose military training has never left him, they dare to make it home.

More explosions bring a war-torn feel to their excursion as the deep shadows of trouble are getting wider by the minute. Just as these friends are beginning to realize their would might be forever changed, some desperate people take up desperate measures.

Do they all have the faith and the will to survive? Alternatively, will faith and survival collide bringing them closer to death?