Review of THE BUTTERFLY BRIDE by Lacy Williams

Publisher: Serenade Books | Published: June 2, 2016 | Format: eBook | ASIN: B01GKH48RM | Series: Lone Star Brides (Book 3) | Origin: Publisher 


Cover: Courtesy of Serenade Books



THE BUTTERFLY BRIDE by author Lacy Williams anchors us into a disunited family inside the center of the story just when some brothers and family move into future happiness another stays in fighting mode to deflect the past!

A brother returns to Pecan, Texas under happy circumstances for the rest of the family, but he’s been running from his own tale for so long that he’s still muddied with guilt that heaps on daily.

Luke is keeping a wall of distance between him the rest of the family and imagines getting back on the road since long before he even had arrived in Pecan. Luke Starr can keep up with the bullfighting circuit better than he can dodge Gramma’s attempts to reach out to him. He knows from firsthand experience that physical wounds will heal eventually, but trauma and remorse will leave forever-open lesions that will never mend.

Meanwhile, Jess Sadler is a recent hire in Pecan, Texas as a Special Education teacher and her heart is an open book. Growing up with her sister, Jess has come to appreciate people of all makes and models. Her sister’s history sparked the desire for her profession, and she sees her charges as more than her job. Intending to reach all of her students, she’s engaging in some field trips, but the one child whom she hasn’t been able to reach seems to come to life right in front of her eyes on this last trip. This unexpected spark is making Jess reach for the brass ring on a ranch.

However, first, she needs to do something she has not done before. How could she reach a man who seems to be unreachable for her student’s sake?

As soon as Jess decides to use the direct approach, she realizes the coldness of Luke Starr is hiding a man with a good heart. Not only does he agree, he begins to teach her student how to care for the horses and about their daily routines bringing a glow from both her and her student.

This amazing man transforms a stranger into a wonderful teacher, her student into someone she knew he could be, and a teacher into a woman falling in love, but in a moment, all is lost once her student disappears!

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Author Lacy Williams brings the prodigal son home in THE BUTTERFLY BRIDE!

However, Luke Starr has not ever been able to rid himself of the nightmare that happened in high school, since he still lives it today. His bullfighting career keeps him far from Pecan, Texas, but his twin brothers both decided to wed at the same time to cause Luke’s return as grief is bubbling over again inside his heart.

Jess Sadler is settling nicely into Pecan, Texas as a special education teacher, and she is seeing a gradual transformation in her new students. She knew it would take some time to reach them, and her many learning field trips helped too. However, one student seems to be getting farther away despite her efforts, until now.

With such a wonderful sister, Jess’s career came naturally, and to her, this is more than a job. It’s all about reaching her students, teaching her students, and helping her students. Moreover, the one who had grown far away from her left from a field trip with the light in his eyes that she had only dreamed of seeing.

Now, how was she going to speak to a man she had not met before today about opening his ranch, his horses, and his time to a teacher and a boy he didn’t even know?

After the request is made, the challenge is accepted. The wish is granted until the child goes missing then all hope is lost!