Review of LOVE’S BETRAYAL by DiAnn Mills and FAITHFUL TRAITOR by Jill Stengl

Publisher: Barbour Books | Published: August 1, 2016 Formats: eBook and Paperback (320 pages) | ASIN: B01IUO5VC4 and ISBN: 9781634097796 | Origin: NetGalley 


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LOVE’S BETRAYAL by DiAnn Mills transports readers back to 1776 during the patriot battles in our fight for freedom!

This time in our fate encompasses much more than fighters on the field, and the hands behind the scenes leave the readers wondering about our own ancestors. What may they have done to aid the fight when a seemingly everyday young woman of the time is helping?

Delight Butler is walking in Boston with her sister as the Redcoats saunter down their streets as if seeming to have won that right. She’s shifting a bucket in hand trying to keep out of the fray but is on her way to a mission. Not even her family is aware that Delight is as much of this war as their countrymen in the field. Nor do they know the lengths that she will go on her quest for freedom that has the hallmarks of danger and harm coming right to her door.

With the problems the “Redcoats” have created, Delight’s father knows the time has come to move his family from their beloved Boston onto where his brother lives. Strength in numbers helps and friendly hands near them will keep his brood of daughters safe, but the calling that is in his heart is the driving force in the decision. It’s not the matter of if this man will join the fight, but it is most assuredly the matter of when the man will depart. With his wife again expecting, the last thing he has a need for arrives at his door.

While Delight’s father tries to keep himself at home, the Redcoats bring the fight to them. This family forcefully is to care for an injured man under dangerous penalties, and Delight of all of them has the hardest job of all. As her mother’s labor arrives, Delight must keep the hated man alive or risk her family’s future!

Meanwhile, the king’s fighter, named Henry O’Neil is now languishing in a home where he is the enemy and is still heartbroken over the loss of his friend in arms. This man could worry that they would kill him or at least, make him wish they had. Despite his worries, their homage, and his history, Henry O’Neil is smart enough to realize these people are brothers and sisters in faith. However, he has seen enough death around the battlefield to know that brothers will turn against brothers, and he is surely an unwanted man around the rebels.

The woman caring for him despises him, but his days under the same roof have gained her his respect. Enemies they are, but she is beautiful both inside and out. However, this woman would sooner carry her ways to war than allow herself to become aware of the turmoil inside him. His king is her enemy and her beloved is a land of the free that might not ever happen. How will this family and this soldier separate again, as friends or enemies or none and all?

Before these days, FAITHFUL TRAITOR by Jill Stengl gives us the English side of a possible war as a lead up to the major battles.

A king’s man tries to stay the tide from turning toward a war to keep many Loyalists inside New York. Governors come and go while rebels wear cloaks among them. And somehow, things are moving too quick to determine when to stay or when to leave, as the streets of New York by the night have both Rebels and Loyalists lobbying for information to bring to their respective comrades.

However, there a few that can obtain such information while others try to make it appear as if they do.

When an arranged marriage could bring on war closer to home, Georgette Talbot’s doubts multiply, but a cloaked man comes on the scene to make her wonder much differently than intended.

He seems to know much about her life, but she knows nothing about him save for his beautiful French speech.

Then Georgette’s parents suddenly make her fall into a rushed marriage ceremony with a man whose reputation precedes him ten-fold as they are desperate to get back to England fearing the war is on.

Meanwhile, Mr. LaTournay has been interested in Georgette but has longed to wash himself of his past reputation for that colors the talks about town. When he finally does meet the fair lady, his name to her is synonymous with mud on the streets. However, her financially failing father wants her to marry him, and he does want that himself.

He does not wish to have a forced wife. Now, it is up to him to make her want a husband with his past, his present, and his future in spite of the war that is beginning to heat in their city. He wonders though will the real Mr. LaTournay become more suitable for her or will his secrets keep them apart?

These two amazing stories will bring history back to life by mixing romance with dashes of mystery to create a perfect backdrop for these current days!


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Boston, in the year 1776, LOVE’S BETRAYAL by DiAnn Mills brings Delight Butler undercover with the Patriots toting messages to and from the citizenry right under the footsteps of their foreign invaders, London’s Redcoats!

After the family moves from Boston, the king’s men force a medical needy soldier into the Butler family to regain his health under threats of what may come if he does not survive. With a brood of girls, Mr. Butler must stay to keep his wife, soon-to-be in labor, and his family safe instead of taking up the fight for what he believes.

He’s a patriot through and through and so is his family.

As a child is born, it is up to Delight Butler to care for an enemy and keep her animosity in check because the lives of her family are on the ledge. However, seeing strength, vulnerability, and faith of this king’s soldier is not making this job much easier. In fact, she’s having trouble keeping out of verbal skirmishes with such a hardheaded but softhearted redcoat!

Also, the bonus historical romance, FAITHFUL TRAITOR by Jill Stengl has more than war inside its pages before the battle lands inside New York, leaving one to ponder. How loyal are all the king’s men?