Publisher: Victorious By Design, LLC | eBook Published: August 23, 2012 and Paperback Published: July 31, 2012 | Format: eBook (267 pages) and Paperback (266 pages) | ASIN: B0091NR6XQ and ISBN: 9780985146801 | Origin: Purchased 


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Ann Marie Bryan’s UNFORGETTABLE, MY LOVE HAS COME ALONG is a chatty romantic, women’s fiction tale based on true events, and with lots of humor, it brings to focus faith, love, family, Jamaican culture, long-distance relationships, and marriage.

I had to chuckle while relating to Annalisa Jones for many reasons, but especially since at one time, anyone would have thought I was born with a phone to my ear for chatting away the hours of my life. However, this kind of talent develops over time as Annalisa displays.

For Annalisa, when you live in America and the rest of your family still lives in Jamaica, the telephone becomes a lifeline. Annalisa has friends and a church family in America, but she was born in Jamaica and a large part of her heart still resides there too. However, she’s rebuffing her family’s matchmaking efforts back home because her life is in the USA now. What good would it do to get involved with a beau from her former homeland?

Family comes to visit Annalisa and brings with them a matchmaking plot, launching two against one in the world of love. Once she caves-in to their request, she worries that she will soon regret this or that it would cause her pain. However, she chooses not to let this “set up” get far at all.

She will deal with an email or two to keep the peace, but she is set against a long-distance love life. She’s especially thankful when the email never arrives.

Meanwhile, Orane Conway is one man that’s easy to fall in love with and from knowing Annalisa’s family, this man wants to know the woman who captures his attention just by the way her family adores her. Orane is not just looking to meet his next date. He is ready to find commitment, and in today’s world, not everyone is on the same page as he.

But when a simple phone call brings this godly woman to life, he’s mesmerized even more. The problem is that the more they talk is the more he’s captured, and the more he wants a relationship to develop. She’s not afraid to let her feelings show about everything from politics to faith, but he’s wondering if she’ll even consider a commitment as she keeps her emotions guarded.

Can faith, family, love, and commitment transcend the boundaries of two countries? Alternatively, will this long-distance attempt leave two people in pain?



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UNFORGETTABLE, MY LOVE HAS COME ALONG by Ann Marie Bryan’s depicts Annalisa Jones love life as it’s taking a sharp turn right where she didn’t want it to go inside romance!

Annalisa’s wants marriage, but she doesn’t want it enough to marry Mr. Wrong, and she’s praying for a local Mr. Right. Meanwhile, she enjoys her single life living in the USA but converses all the time with her homeland family and friends in Jamaica. She is firmly set against any homeland dating prospects that her family keeps striving to pitch. After all, what good can come from such a long-distance relationship?

Annalisa’s life is here, and she plans to keep her life planted here with her church family and other friends. In addition, single life is keeping her active and satisfied as best as possible.

As a surprising telephone call arrives, it threatens changes in everything she believed to be true, but could another disaster loom ahead?