Review of LIKE A BEE TO HONEY by Jennifer Beckstrand

Publisher: Zebra | Published: August 30, 2016 | Formats: eBook, Mass Market, and Audio Book (352 pages) | ASIN: B0190HGU5C, and ISBN: 9781420140248, and (Audio) ASIN: B01KN2YPAU | Series: The Honeybee Sisters | Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of Zebra



In LIKE A BEE TO HONEY, Jennifer Beckstrand leads us into the happiness that is unfolding for two of the three Christner sisters, known as The Honeybee Sisters. Their little sister, Rose, is not only scared of being alone, her fear intensifies once their livelihood is threatened and their home becomes a target!

Rose Christner has been orphaned, scarred, shy, afraid, and ashamed for most of her life, since her parents died, but soon afterward, more trouble followed her. Rose became a victim of a fiery storm which overtook their community, and it became safer for them to move on than to stay. Now, living in a Wisconsin Amish community, most of this family has grown and thrived, but Rose still carries much of the past within her. She often takes refuge from people inside the Honeybee Farm chores and becomes a friend to the cats when many would shy away from them.

This family thought her past had been dead and buried, but it comes back to life and takes to threatening Rose. Now, happiness takes a back seat to survival for all.

Meanwhile, Josiah Yoder was already a young man when he lost his parents, but this hefty loss had him grow up faster to become a man earlier than most.

His farm is doing well and for the most part, he’s doing great too. Well, that is if you don’t count the fact the woman he has fallen in love with wants nothing to do with him. Josiah tries not to take it too personally though since she does not want much to do with anyone, but he often wonders if she even knows how much she helped him with his grief. Yes, she was young when she lost her family, but she was there for him when he lost his. She knew his pain, and he did not have act strong.

He is willing to wait for her to be comfortable in courting him, but the more he waits, the more she becomes distant. However, once he realizes that Rose has become someone’s target in the harassment which has engulfed the Honeybee Farm, he’s ready to step up for her, her family, and her farm, but first, he must survive those cats!

Cats are actually trying to run him off their farm, but they have not stopped the intruders?

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Jennifer Beckstrand brings to life Rose Christner in LIKE A BEE TO HONEY.

Rose is the youngest, most afraid, and one that will have most walk on eggshells around her of the Honeybee Sisters. She’s skittish to a fault, not strong enough to wilt, and is frequently under-the-weather, but she wants to change. However, she is not going to give anyone her heart. That will only lead to pain, confusion, and fear. She likes the bees on her farm and the honey from the bees, but she stays with the cats and keeps people far away from her.

Is she happy? No. However, she hasn’t been happy since the age of five so this is another day to Rose Christner. She knows what it’s like to be in the middle of something that should never be, and she knows a guilty heart for most of her life. With people comes pain and with pain comes guilt, but she’s had enough of that.

Meanwhile, Josiah Yoder is waiting on Rose. He fell for her a while back, and he has never lost his love for her no matter how afraid she seems to people or how much she pushes them away. As dangerous things start to happen over on the Honeybee Farm, Josiah is not waiting to keep her safe.

If protecting her against her will is risking their future, that is just fine, but he’s not risking her life for anything!