Review of THE SECOND HALF: A Novel by Lauraine Snelling

Publisher: FaithWords | Published: July 5, 2016 | Formats: eBook, Paperback, and Audio (368 pages) | ASIN: B01B1W0N3Y, ISBN: 9781455586172, and Audio ASIN: B01H5SFHD4 |  Origin: NetGalley

Cover: Courtesy of FaithWords



In THE SECOND HALF: A Novel by Lauraine Snelling, we dig into retirement when it is not all that it’s supposed to be and is far from the dream, but is one of a stark and scary reality!

Ken Sorenson took retirement assured his legacy inside the famed Stone University was secure. He spent thirty years as Dean of Students, but realities help to throw a lifetime he spent creating overboard! Academia and office politics abound even when the end of an era is at Stone’s door.

Meanwhile, another war comes to this home front as his wife’s business is starting to take off just as he is slowing life down a notch.

Mona Sorenson gains some big wins. Her depression is under control, her business is reaching new heights, and the plan of retirement travel is close to hatching. Not to discount that Mona cannot wait for her husband’s hands to bring much more to what she has built.

Reality dampens this couple’s retirement expectation once the telephones begin to make their different music selections sing.

Her grown children have their own families, but Steig’s wife left him for another man. However, she left her husband and her own children, and Steig is going on deployment, again. His Special Forces designation takes him where these parents wish he wouldn’t go.

With little time to plan, as guardians, these two will raise two young grandchildren who struggle with abandonment issues and fear of the unknown. Now, the realities of raising children at this age, inside these current times, have two grandparents giving up what they wanted and falling in love with two kids who are taking their home to new levels of communication.

When nighttime visitors in uniform come upon their doorstep, their faith becomes lacking, as their fears become larger.

Trusting is not always easy, but it is always necessary!

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THE SECOND HALF: A Novel by Lauraine Snelling brings retirement into focus when all the plans take a sudden but necessary detour.

Both Ken Sorenson and his wife Mona have plans on traveling and indulging into the bounty of retirement while Mona still runs her business. Travel and running a business are possible with today’s technology.

As a professional event planner, Ken’s retirement party is easy for Mona to plan and harder to keep the guest from figuring it all out. She could never pull a surprise on the Dean of Students that he didn’t figure out before time. Now, he is at Stone University in his last days before retirement and is under a fixed deadline. Plus, with all their travel talk, Ken is pondering destinations instead of being on her party planning tail. Not to doubt, her party planning experience keeps her on her toes too.

However, some of the best plans go off course, but their raising another family was not even a thought until the phone sings the right tune, guardianship happens, and someone goes missing!