Review of THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN (The Everstone Chronicles Book 4) by Dawn Crandall

Publisher: Whitaker House | Published: October 4, 2016 | Format: eBook (324 pages) and Paperback (304 pages) | ASIN: B01LOUGO6I and ISBN: 9781629117508 | Series: The Everstone Chronicles Book 4 | Origin: Author 

Cover: Courtesy of Author


Hidden motives? Tarnished reputations? Family embarrassments? Outcasts? Loves? Losses? Winnings? Risks? Oh!

Inside THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN (The Everstone Chronicles Book 4), Dawn Crandall brings us into the life of an Everston employee. Pain and fear lunge at Violet Hawthorne through flyby schemes to cover the actual reasoning of which everyone else may already know. She needs protection from a debtor whom will collect what is owing. Due to her brother’s actions, Violet is already out of her ancestral home and is working and thriving due to the kindness of Dexter Blakely.

When her brother comes around, he’s usually wanting something from her, but what happens to Violet next will leave behind a new look and haunting memories as terrifying moments with a knife to her back remain.

Her comfortable employment, her new friendships, and her new living condition end despite the innocence of Violet. However, Vance Everstone’s influence makes everyone believe she is guilty of the scandalous charges. Now, Dexter tells her that she must leave, and as helpless as a woman could be in the 1890’s, she watches two men prepare a future which she does not want.

They assure they are doing this to protect her. Are they? Alternatively, is there more to the story than anyone really knows?

She must play the formal role of a happy soon-to-be wife of someone she doesn’t know. Meanwhile, Vance Everstone must convince the family that he is in love with her and that he’s a changed man.

The pain she is feeling may just take her to a new place, but this cover up can still implode!

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THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN (The Everstone Chronicles Book 4), Dawn Crandall shows Violet Hawthorne working after her brother turned their deceased parents’ home into a brothel.

Her work provides room and food. Moreover, her honor is safe.

Although her parents raised her to be a lady, their middle of the road income did not afford the benefits provided to those who come to Everston. Ladylike ways carry Violet to friendships not usual to one at her station in life, and she has come to be comfortable and content where she is until her reputation takes a downturn.

She’s out of a job, out of her comfort level, and engaged to a man she would never choose to marry. Vance Everstone’s reputation is too conspicuous.

As she prepares for an unwanted wedding, Violet finds that not everyone is as deceived as she believes. This duping to cover up their standing comes second once she knows a man stalks her. He wants her regardless because she is his to collect thanks to her brother.

During this time, she manages to fall hard for a family surrounding her who may never become hers thanks to Rowen Steel!